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Flirty, Girly in pleats

Pl e a t e d s k i r t s presently hold the key to look girly and flirty in the fashion world.


Pleats go way back in fashion and there is hardly any little or big girl who has not worn this style, either to church or have pleated school uniform.


Since pleats which used to be a common style for younger children invaded the fashion trend circle, every style conscious woman want the girly look. Because pleats are detailed with narrow straight lines, it makes the lower part of the body look fuller.



Especially when wearing the short pleated skirt. It makes a perfect skirt for women who are always conscious of lower body. Paring pleated skirts with white office shirt and heels are among the classiest formal looks out there.


Pleated skirts are chic because they can easily be transformed into a casual look by switching the white shirt with a casual top.


Another reason to consider having a pleated skirt in your wardrobe is that it is an all season friendly piece. Pleated skirts can be paired to walk out of a boardroom meet- i n g and walk into a girls night out.

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