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Firm Launches UaV Solutions To Bridge Tech Gaps

A trailblazing drone manufacturer with expertise in cutting-edge AI algorithms and a revolutionary Cloud UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) management platform has unveiled Rural Environmental Monitoring via ultra wide-ARea networks And distributed federated Learning (REMARKABLE) project. This ambitious initiative seeks to tackle the prevalent technological divide between urban and rural landscapes in Nigeria, marking a pivotal step toward fostering equitable technological access across diverse environments.

According to the firm, the project underscores Beyond Vision’s unwavering commitment to delivering affordable Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to underserved rural communities grappling with persistent connectivity challenges. It said: “This strategic endeavour represents a noteworthy stride in the pursuit of inclusive technological advancement, marking a critical shift in the narrative surrounding the longstanding issue of unequal progress between urban and rural areas.”

The REMARKABLE project, a collaborative effort involving European academic partners, corporate entities, and African academic groups, emerges as a pioneering response to the inadvertent oversight of rural areas in the advancements of IoT and data analytics. “As technology continues to thrive in urban settings, rural communities are left at a disadvantage, accentuating the digital divide. In addressing this critical concern, the REMARKABLE project aims to bridge technological disparities through strategic partnerships with esteemed academic institutions.

Collaborating with Summit University, Offa (SUN, Offa), and the Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMINNA), Beyond Vision focuses on the unique challenges faced by rural areas in Africa, where connectivity hurdles loom large.

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