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Firm launches tractor hailing platform for farming

Origin Automotive Works, a leading indigenous technology firm, has unveiled a new tractor hailing App called “Tractor on the Go” as part of efforts to revolutionize agricultural and farming practice in the country. The platform project had taken five years in development, training and local capacity building, which has now come of age. It required building a robust platform, infrastructure base across the 36 states; training operators and mechanics, and most importantly logistics of moving tractors around.

Tractor on the Go (TOG) is a mobile application platform that helps connect millions of farmers to modern agricultural facilities and equipment such as tractor, sprayers, planters and harvesters. The app is designed with simplicity, ease of use and functionality in mind with a guarantee that users will enjoy hassles-free experience while searching for reliable and efficient mechanization equipment for their farmland. Speaking at the launch of the mobile application platform in Lagos recently, the President, Origin Group, and Chief Innovation Officer, Prince Joseph Samuel, explained that the launch of the mobile app was geared towards eliminating impediments on the way of expanding mechanisation and delivering seamless mechanisation services to farmers in remote villages with a singular objective of helping farmers optimize yield and maximize farmland productivity.

He added that TOG was committed to shifting farmers’ orientation towards the opportunity to farm not only during the wet but also during the dry season via the adoption of irrigation technology provider as part of the company’s numerous services. Samuel noted that the mobile application, which is beneficial to different categories of users including agents, farmers and operators had been designed to assist users access tractors that would enable them to perform timely farming operations and achieve economies of scale in food production.

He went further to state the application is the first of its kind because it is a muti-stakehholder all-inclusive approach that enable banks to finance and recoup investment seamlessly, government to offer subsidy to farmer only for service rendered rather than invest in tractors annually. It also enables investment on agriculture mechanization as investors will have real-time information on their equipment productivity and to farmers, it is goodbye to endless wait in searching of tractors. According to him, with such mobile application, the challenge associated with selfsufficiency in food production may become a thing of the past as farming equipment such as tractor would become readily available through this platform. Speaking on the features of the application, the company’s Product Development Manager, Olusegun Emmanuel, noted that the platform remained the biggest game-changer that will take agricultural practice to new heights stating that this would certainly attract interest from youths who are unemployed at the moment. He also disclosed that the application offers the users the opportunity to indicate necessary details while requesting tractors.

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