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Firm introduces water heater range into Nigerian market

Ariston Thermo Heating Technology Nigeria Limited, member of the Ariston Thermo Group, global leader in thermal comfort solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial usage, has introduced the Ariston Aures range of instant water heater into the Nigerian market. Announcing the introduction of the new range into the market, the Director, Central Africa, Ariston Thermo Group, Mr. Gaurav Bisaria, disclosed that the new Aures range of electric instant water heater was borne out of the group’s vision of delivering sustainable comfort to everyone, everywhere even when it seems impossible. According to him, the need to provide end users with an instant water heater that can deliver smooth, fast, never-before hot water experience was identified in the Nigerian market. Bisaria added that many houses in Nigeria did not have the hot and cold pipes required for installation of the storage water heaters, making it difficult to install water heaters in such houses.

To him, the Aures range of instant water heater was specially designed with these problems in mind, enabling everyone the comfort of the hot water experience. Bisaria revealed that Aures, which is available in different power options (up to 36KW), comes with instant water heating technology for unlimited hot water at hyper speed, which saves time, ensuring that hot water is always ready whenever it is needed. He explained that Aures had been designed to produce hot water at a constant temperature without variation guaranteeing total protection against sudden increase in water temperature, all to satisfy the customers’ hot water needs.

“Aures is the fastest way to provide unlimited hot water whenever you need it, for comfort and good bathing experience. One unique benefit of Aures electric instant water heaters is that the hot water is delivered instantaneously and maintains constant temperature all through the duration of bath,” he said.

The company’s director, Central Africa, further noted that the Aures range, which can fit into existing piping in the house, was available in two types – single point and multipoint. According to him, while the single point is suitable for use with the shower handle provided with the product, the multi-point type can deliver hot water to different bathrooms and taps within the house, making both types ideal for families of various sizes. He also noted that single point type could be extended to be a perfect fit for the family provided they are more than a unit while in the case of multipoint, one unit can be used to supply hot water for as many bathrooms or washing basins in homes, hotels or even offices as possible.

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