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Fireman blames wrong doctrine of Trinity for unanswered prayers


Tony Okuyeme

A popular man of God, Sign Fireman, has come out with a new revelation in the “The Final Move of God”, saying that the three members of the trinity are not the same as they don’t have the attributes.
He noted that the popular Christian belief that the three members of the trinity, God the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, have the same attribute and are all omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, is the cause of many unanswered prayers.
The man of God, who is also the visionary of the Sign Fireman Ministries, stated this is a chat with the media in Lagos, on his new book titled ‘The Final Move of God’.
He said that Jesus appeared to him in  2014 after years of seeking God’s face to get answers why many promises of God’s word in the Bible are not fulfilled in the lives of many Christians. He added that the revelation, which he called the ‘ The Final Move Of God’, will stir controversy.
“Ten years ago, I was very active then after a while it looks as if I withdrew from the scene. When I began to interview believers I discovered one thing was common, many promises of God’s word were not happening for people.
“Many believers can confirm that many of the things they ask for never happen. God’s concern for every believer is to be rich, but guess what? Majority of the believers are poor. And another one the Bible says that the gospel shall be preached all over the world but people can confirm that around the world Christianity is really suffering around the world. All these became a concern to me, and I said why are all these promises not working in the lives of the people.
“If people should check themselves and say the truth about 99.9 percent of the things they desired or ask God for never happened. The only reason people don’t talk about it is because they are afraid of blasphemy.
“The seeking of God lasted for years and then one day in September 2014, it was a Sunday morning before going to church, all of a sudden Jesus appeared to me. Not a dream or imagination, I wasn’t expecting that at all. And he said you have been seeking me for this answer for years I have come to give you the answer,” Fireman said.

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