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FIBA letter to Kida suspected to be fake

Sunday Telegraph investigation has revealed that the latest FIBA letter concerning the withdrawal of the country from international basketball, is fake. Sources who crave anonymity said the language in the letter was typical Nigeria language citing the first statement on the letter.


“If you look at the first line ’I hope this letter finds you well’, then you will know that it is a typical Nigeria language,” the source said. “Obviously that letter is addressed personally to Musa Kida and at the moment the ministry is not recognizing anybody, either Kida or the other person.


“The language and everything about the letter remain suspicious. A direct call or communication with government will be better because Nigeria is a sovereign nation and can’t be dragged into issue of fractions in sports federation. “FG has written FIBA, the body should reply FG and not Kida.


That’s Kida’s letter and not to the FG and the fact remain that the FG has not recognised Kida. FIBA and Kida cannot blackmail Nigeria.


“The letter looks like the typical Nigeria Football Federation letters coming from FIFA time after time anytime the government is asking questions.” It would be recalled that a letter, purported signed by the world basketball ruling body, FIBA arrived recently announcing a future repercussion to the country’s decision to withdrawn the country from international basketball competition for two years.


Meanwhile, plans are in top gear for the domestic competitions being planned by the ministry to boost the game in the country at grassroots level

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