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FG Parades Lawyer Who Inserted Hot Knife Into Maid’s Private Part

The Federal Government has paraded an Anambra State lawyer, Adachukwu Okafor who allegedly inserted a hot knife into the private part of a 10-year-old maid.

Okafor who also pressed the buttock and face of the ten-year-old maid with hot electric iron was paraded on Friday in Abuja.

The Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy Ohanenye noted that President Bola Tinubu has already said the poor should breathe what that means is that the Nigerians should be more respected and treated with compassion.

She assures that the victim will get justice “we are assuring you that we will get justice for the little girl. Before she was brought here, all her bank accounts were blocked, she couldn’t access her money and she won’t access it until sometime because that was what gave her the guts to hide.

“My ministry will take action when any one tempers with any child or woman.” The minister stressed.

On her part, the suspect alleged that the victim was caught having sex with her 6-year-old son “she was having sex with my 6-year-old son in the car. I bought a cane and flogged her on her buttocks. I was cooking at the same time, my son told me that it wasn’t the first time that she touches his penis whenever she is bathing her and the girl confirms it too.

“She tried to escape through the kitchen door and the door was locked. She mistakenly pushed the food on the gas and mistakenly sat on the burning gas. I did not use knife to cut her clitoris with hot knife, I did not use iron on her”

She said she is not happy with the whole thing because that was not what she envisioned.

The inspector general of Police Kayode Egbetokun, described the case as child abuse/attempted murder.

“On Feb. 5th 2024, the internet was awoken by the news of a ten-year-old who had burns all over her body, the girl was a maid to one barrister Adachukwu Okafor, she was a maid for 2 weeks.

She inserted a hot knife into her private part, poured grinded pepper and pressed the maid’s cheeks and buttocks with a hot electric iron.

From the afternoon of the incident to the evening of the next day, she locked the maid in her toilet without food after which she took the child naked the following day to her aunt who gave her out as a maid.

“When alleffortst to arrest her proved abortive, the honorable minister of Women Affairs placed a 2-million-naira bounty on her and also petitioned the inspector general of police, when the woman saw that the heat on her was much, she showed up from her hiding and was arrested.

Unfortunately, the little girl is in the hospital with the hope that she recuperates fast because of the intense burn on her, no one knows the extent of the internal injury inflicted on her by the hot knife that was used on her.

Meanwhile, the inspector general of police has assured Nigerians that a diligent prosecution of this case will be carried out and no iota of the incident will be swept under the carpet to ensure that justice is served to the little girl.

The IGP stressed that this will serve a note of warning to those who use little children for child labour, noting that the Nigerian police have zero tolerance for domestic violence and abuse of vulnerable persons.

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