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December 10, 2023

Fast rising singer, Nome, eyes Grammy award as he brushes up music career


Most singers aim to make a name before dreaming of awards but for Ignatius Ehinome Okoji, popularly known as Dboi Nomejp, winning a Grammy award would be the highest point of his music career.

Though the fast rising singer, who is also known as Nome among his friends, is yet to make the big break in the music industry, in a recent interview he shared that his biggest dream of winning a Grammy will become a reality one day.

“If I win a Grammy today, I think I will cry and give thanks to God and my fans! I will most likely find a way to appreciate as many fans as possible and let them know they made it happen.”

Further explaining how he gets inspirations for his songs which he hopes would bring home Grammy some day, Nome said: “Self confidence plays a huge role, I mostly use things happening around me or happening around the world in general. Sometimes it has a lot to do with my emotions or the emotions of loved ones. Other times it just comes naturally and I don’t need to try too hard to find it. That is why my favourite Nigerian musician is Wizkid! After listening to him back in the days when he dropped ‘Holla at your boy’, I realised I could do this too.”

On the major challenges faced by private musicians who are still trying to find their feet in the industry, Nome maintained that Finances and Connections are still clogs in the wheels of budding Nigerian artistes.

“This is because the industry is selfish from my experience. As an independent artist, if you do not have enough capital to promote your music, then there is only a certain level you can reach. You can have all the funds but then you don’t have the right people around you to manage those funds. There comes the other challenge of fighting to have the connection and knowing the right people in the industry to work with.”

He added: “However, up and coming artistes could be helped to reach their potentials by giving them opportunities via having talent hunt shows or school competitions. These would really go a long way. If these shows are properly advertised they can attract the attention of local brands who can in turn offer them deals.”

Nome also lamented that the year 2020 has been the lowest moment in his music career.

“2020 was a really difficult year due to the pandemic, finances were low and in the industry today you can’t really do much as an independent artist without finances,” he bemoaned.

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