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Family hosts 100 visually impaired persons in Lagos

In a bid to assist the less privilege and the downtrodden, a family has shown compassion and support toward, members of Muslim Association of Visually Impaired of Nigeria (MAVIN) by hosting the association. The family hosted about 100 visually impaired people for two days in their residence in Ogunrobi Estate, Idimu, Lagos, featuring Tahajud, Iftar, Gifts and Ramadan Tafsir.

The Host, Alhaji and Alhaja Ismaheel Musa said the family decided to honour members of the association to encourage them to endure afflictions as Islam takes them into consideration with regard to many of the obligatory rulings. She said:“We have to work together in a united front to make life get meaning, the reality upon us, as a Muslims, is to take care of our brothers and sisters who are challenged.

The fact they have challenges does not really retard the position they are in the society. The society is just like an ecosystem, where everything that is available within the society is important for the other ones to progress.” He urged Muslims to be alive to their responsibilities by relieving the burdens of people with special needs. “As Muslims definitely you have to take care of your environment and those who are with you.

Though we are in the circular community where religion is not on the front burner. In a society where religion is at the front burner the government is responsible for everybody. He added that inequitable distribution of the country’s resources is the major cause of vices witnessed by so many. “The only antidote to violence that will have across the nation today is to adopt Islamic perspective on wealth distribution.

The government should go back and learn from Islam and redistributed the wealth of the nation effectively. Let’s engage in Zakat and Sadaqah to put a smile on people’s faces, if we do our part the society will not be what it is today.” He commended members of the association, despite their challenges they make an impact in the society.

“The are doing well, most of them are educated and well engaged with skills. We have lawyers, doctors, computer gurus and undergraduates among them. They are even skilled in their area of interest more than those of us with no challenges, ” he said. Musa advised those of them who are not empowered to learn a skill. “They are trying their best, I encourage those who have not learned a skill to learn one and be productive. Once you pick the trade, Almighty Allah will send somebody along to help. All praise to God Muslims is becoming enlightened on their responsibility to the less privileged.

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