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Experts Share Insights On Driving Sales Industry In Nigeria

Business experts and real estate professionals have shared valuable insights on resilience, adaptability, and financial independence to drive the sales industry in Nigeria.

Speaking at the Sales Pro- Conference in Lagos, the experts discussed strategies that would enable the sector to thrive in challenging economic times.

The event, organized by Pertinence Group and themed ‘Selling in Tough Times,’ featured a lineup of distinguished speakers who shared valuable insights on resilience, adaptability, and financial independence in the sales industry.

Co-founder of Pertinence Group, Sunday Olorunsheyi, set the tone for the conference with an inspiring keynote, emphasizing the importance of financial independence for sales professionals.

In his words, “One of the major motivations for becoming a Sales pro is the desire for financial independence. Dig your well before you’re thirsty, know the tune before you start dancing, don’t dine with naysayers and doubters of your dreams, stay in control to unleash your potential, leverage information and detest poverty.”

Top real estate saleswoman, Confidence Molade, delivered a compelling presentation on embracing change and seizing opportunities in tough markets.

Molade highlighted the significance of staying positive and building trust and credibility, stating, “Sales is the lifeblood of every business. If you are not selling, you are not in business.

“To make sales in a tough market, you must protect your mind from bad news, stay positive regardless of the conditions, and then learn to build trust and credibility.”

Another Co-founder of Pertinence Group, Wisdom Ezekiel, addressed the critical topic of financial freedom for sales professionals in Nigeria, stressing the importance of financial literacy and planning for economic stability and growth.

Serial entrepreneur Victor Gbenga Afolabi spoke on the psychology of selling during difficult times, emphasizing the fundamental role of selling in achieving success.

“It is almost impossible to be successful without mastering the art of selling,” Afolabi stated, highlighting the significance of understanding that hard times are a natural part of life and not a barrier to closing deals.

The conference also featured a panel session where veteran real estate consultants shared their personal experiences and opinions on the ever-evolving field of sales in real estate.

Attendees had the opportunity to win special prizes through a raffle draw, with six winners receiving rewards ranging from a brand new mobile phone and high-tech drone gadget to exclusive mentorship slots with the Pertinence Group co-founders.

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