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Experts make case for funding epidemic preparedness response at LGs

The Director of Local Government Administration in Lagos State, Rasak Amodu, has urged budget officers from across the 57 local government council areas of the state, to present action plan on the funding of Epidemic Preparedness and Response (EPR) to their chief executive officers.


While making the case for the presentation of the action plans that could guide the proceedings at the local government councils recently,


Amodu said if adequate provision was not made for the local government sector, the masses would suffer. He spoke during a Round Table Discussion with Local Government (LG) Budget Officers on Improving Health Security in Lagos State Agenda, which held at the Rovers Hotel in Ikeja last week.


The workshop was organised to help garner support for LG to get a separate funding in their budget for EPR as they are closer to the people at the grassroot level.


The objectives of the roundtable are: to deepen understanding of budget officers on the need for EPR at the LGA/local council development authority (LCDA); to stimulate the political will and commitments of increased EPR funding in the financial year 2022 local government Health Budget; and to raise the accountability bar for EPR financing at the LGA/LCDA level.


Making an opening remark at the event which was organised by the Global Health Advocacy Incubator, the Lagos State and Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs and the Legislative Advocacy Initiative For Sustainable Development (LISDEL),


Amodu said the Lagos State Government was working to improve health security in the state, adding whatever that comes from your advice to the Chief Execuvive Officer is what will be implemented for the year.



While harping on the importance of having a good provision for EPR for local governments areas, Amodu said it makes no sense to provide for other sectors and leave the  health sector without necessary financil provision. He urged the budget officers to advice their Chief Executives on why it is important for the health sector to be funded. “At the end, we want you to come up with Action Plan that will guide proceedings at the local government offices,” he stressed. On her part, the State Coordinator for of LISDEL,


Tina Obinna-Anikpe said that there was already plans in place for a separate budget to be created for EPR at the local government areas (LGAs). Planning budget personnel are very


key as they make sure that not only is the budget created but it is funded regularly so that it does not become a thing of the past. They make sure that there is accountability and transparency in the usage of the funds allocated to EPR. Therefore she reasoned that engaging the budget officers in the planning stage is of utmost importance. “For something to be identified as a gap in the absence of EPR, it has to be subject to analysis. Those are just perceptive, sentiments and vested interests.


Though some gaps have been identified, more will  be identified when a Joint External Evaluation (JEEA) is conducted,” she said. With the help of the budget, these gaps would be able to be filled and in the long run and the communities would be more prepared to face other emergencies and pandemics in the future.


According to Obinna-Anikpe , the LGAs have to play an active role in EPR so that they can also strengthen the work that the state government has already put in place. “The state and local government have to work hand in hand in order to move the work forward and cover more grounds

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