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Experts applaud Sanwo-Olu’s 5G technology network activation

The recent rollout of the 5G technology network in Lagos State and Governor Sanwo-Olu’s N153.5billion allocation to education in 2023 has been applauded by experts in the state. Mrs. Shola Abimbola, and educationist and Head at Mount Moriah Mission schools said she was pleased that Governor Babajide Sanwo- Olu priotised education in the 2023 budget with a whopping N153.5 billion.

Dr Pelumi Apantako, a lecturer at the University of Roehampton, United Kingdom and publisher of Techpression, a technology content production outfit, also commended the introduction of 5G technology in Lagos State, saying it was the state’s next major advancement in internet connectivity and electronic communication speed in Lagos. ‘‘It will undoubtedly increase connectivity and the speed of electronic communication in Lagos State.’’

Speaking further, Dr. Pelumi commended the Lagos State Government for providing favourable environment for the introduction of 5G technology, which will, in his opinion, further the penetration and expansion of various facets of the state’s technology ecosystem. He praised the state budget allocation on education and other educational improvements in Lagos State. Dr. Pelumi was particularly elated on the 5G activation saying: “It will increase innovation, Internet usage, automation, the deployment of technology, and the usability of numerous tech services in all facets of life. Everyone inside and outside the country must support this fantastic move.” According to him, the state’s security will be improved by the 5G technology, which will also ensure that unified communication and information aggregation become extremely quick.

‘‘This will improve security risk analysis, prevention, and overall responsiveness. In terms of the state’s economy, 5G is enhancing the full potential of the entrepreneurship. It will improve digital enterprise, integration, and innovation,” he said. Pelumi stated that technology was advancing quickly in all facets of our existence. 5G will improve education because it will no longer be limited to the classroom. It does away with geographic limitations on education, adding that “Effective communication, scrutiny, and monitoring would be made possible in Lagos State with the 5G technology.” The Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, says the state is now closer to realising its aim of becoming a smart city with the deployment of 5G technology. The governor made this statement at the recent activation of the 5G network in Lagos by MAFAB Communications (Mcom). In response to a question on how 5G technology could facilitate the expansion of his business and similar ones, he stated” “The 5G technology will stimulate our growth plans. We’ll be able to fully embrace multimedia, giving users a better experience. We can rely on technology to introduce our channels and provide more high-quality multimedia material. Through the introduction of live events and multicasting at a lower cost, we will be able to further our plans. Any organization, including ours, may thrive with the help of highquality 5G technology.”

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