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February 26, 2024

Executive Trainers advice on post COVID-19 measures for higher education sustainability

A leading organisation specialised in training, Executive Trainers, has charged tertiary institutions in the country on the need to equip themselves with the necessary know-how for higher education sustainability, amidst the pandemic.
The second edition of the event, which was held virtually, Wednesday, was themed, “Higher Education Innovation and Leadership After COVID-19”.
The event was kicked off by the host, the Chief Executive of Executive Trainers, Mrs Ajoke Ogunsan.
Speaking on the subjects of discussion, the Guest Speaker, Professor Olusola Akinrinade, discussed primarily on the fallout from the pandemic and the elements considered as part of the tertiary institutions’ system response to COVID-19.
He added that all citadels of learning can take advantage of the pandemic, moving forward.
He highlighted the patent lack of knowledge of the populace and the peculiarity of the issues the pandemic has created. Akinrinade enjoined the authorities to guide and sensitise the populace on shunning laxity in adherence to the laid down COVID-19 guidelines.
He pointed out that the 2020/21 academic year of European and North American institutions have moved online, after realising the enormity of the pandemic challenge. He encouraged that the academic system should change the space in which they function and operate.
He downplayed closure of the higher education institutions to mitigate fallout from the pandemic.
Instead of outright closure, he advised that the appropriate response by the HE system should be to provide access to technology and e-learning materials.
According to him: “Without a provision of the above mentioned, poorer students and those students at geographically dispersed regions stand a greater risk of being left out of an unconventional learning system.
“Besides the obstacles to effective response to COVID-19, the missing key problem which remains unreported is attitude.
“I advise all institutions to begin to focus more on how to continue learning than on how to reopen. Institutions must embrace online conduct of all their activities spanning from learning to administration, for academic life to continue.
“Institutions should not wait for the government as they can by themselves begin to look for a solution to enhance their infrastructures, provide access to appropriate ICT devices, improve connectivity and provide a conducive learning environment to accommodate for vulnerable students to learn.”
Perhaps one of the highlights of the event was the reaction from the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Osun State University, Mr Kolade Adegoke, who was invited to share how his institution is currently running her new learning management system.
Kolade explained how they, as a university, were able to acquire an online system within six weeks which is currently working for the university. He advised that institutions should install fibre optics on their campuses.
Another discussant, Professor Francis Anyasi, lamented on the problem of connectivity affecting his institution, while Dr Jumoke Soyemi confirmed the use of Kusera – a teaching platform for communicating with students online.
She encouraged other institutions to take a cue.

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