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September 30, 2023

Ekweremadu: I Feel Guity, Sonia Breaks Silence Over Parent’s Conviction For Organ Trafficking

Sonia Ekweremadu, the daughter of Sen. Ike Ekweremadu has expressed regret and guilt over her parents’ ordeal following the Friday sentencing over an alleged organ-harvesting scheme suit.

New Telegraph had on Friday reported that a British court sentenced Ekweremadu to a total of nine years and eight months in prison alongside his wife, Beatrice who received four years and six months jail term for her role in a scheme.

Meanwhile, Dr Obinna Obeta, a doctor named the third conspirator also get a 10-year jail term for his role in a scheme to steal a man’s kidney.

It would be recalled that the 60-year-old former Deputy of the Senate and his wife wished to give their 25-year-old daughter, Sonia a new kidney.

Reacting to the development, Sonia claimed she felt bad about the entire affair in an interview with the BBC.

“I don’t think it will ever be the same again. And obviously, I feel guilty because I feel like all these have happened because of me,” She said, trying to contain her emotions.

The 25-year-old, who acknowledged she can’t speak about how they genuinely feel, described her parents’ approach to their current situation as being pragmatic. “quite calm”.

“They are quite calm, surprisingly. But I can’t really speak about what they are feeling. This is just from an outside perspective of me seeing them. They are okay, they are just neutral,” Sonia said.

On what she has learnt over the whole saga, Sonia said, “Life is just some dynamic. Like you’re one day in your house chilling and the next day your whole life is turned around, upside down.”

Speaking further on the court judgement, she added, “It’s sad. It’s been really hard to wrap my head around it. I understand the conviction. Personally, I disagree with it; however, that’s from a very biased perspective as their daughter, and I would obviously back my parents.

“However, the law has taken its course, and we just have to now move forward as a family.”

Asked about what she would be doing next, Sonia said, “My main focus is to try to help, specifically people with kidney conditions. This is just to show them they don’t need to be scared.

“I will continue to support my parents and siblings as well.”

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