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Ekpenyong seeks resolutions to protect women, children

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Niger Delta Development Commission (NNDC), Senator Asuquo Ekpenyong, has called on Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly to enact resolutions that will protect women, children and non-combatants that bear the brunt of the needless violence associated with war and conflict.

The chairman made the call while addressing the 148th inter-parliamentary union assembly on the theme; “Building bridges for peace and development,” in Geneva, Switzerland. He also challenged the assembly not to relent in its effort to bring lasting peace to the world by invoking the words of the late Kofi Annan who said that; “Peace is never a perfect achievement.”

Ekpenyong, representing Cross River South, reminded the assembly that peace is not just a destination, but a manner of traveling. He also “expressed the determination of young parliamentarians across the globe to play a role in bringing peace to a world that is beset with pockets of conflict, not being unmindful, however, of the historical factors that may have led to them.”

The senator was of the opinion that for these obstacles to be overcome, dialogue, empathy and respect for each other’s history and cultures was key to building bridges.

He also shared his experience as chairman of the Senate Committee on NDDC on how he and his colleagues are working tirelessly with the board and management of the commission to achieve lasting peace .

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