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EKOEXCEL donates MP3 players to Lagos schools, pupils

No fewer than 450,000 MP3 media devices have been donated public primary school pupils in Lagos State to enhance quality learning and provision of qualitative education in the state.


The materials were donated to the pupils by EKOEXCEL technical partners, under the Lagos State’s education transformation programme to technologically supplement the EKOEXCEL@Home Learning Adaptation that was developed to further drive the state public primary school pupils’ learning standard while at home.























EKOEXCEL is Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo- Olu’s flagship education transformation programme geared towards developing more highly skilled teachers through training, supporting and motivating existing government teachers to succeed in their classrooms.


EKOEXCEL, according to the partners, is a government designed and funded initiative, which aimed at driving excellence in learning for about 500,000 pupils across the 1,016 primary schools in the state. Under EKOEXCEL project, over 14,000 government teachers are being re-trained and up skilled and leveraging technology that will enable teachers and head teachers to be more effective


. The beneficiaries are also being supported through inperson and ongoing coaching, with 1,016 head teachers will receive one-on-one coaching and support, while the Quality Assurance team will be supported with digital tools. The Director, Policy and Partnership of EKOEXCEL, Ayodeji Okewumi, said the MP3 players would go a long way in offering the pupils household access to parent-friendly, age group specific EKOEXCEL@ Home interactive audio lessons.


According to him, the main features of the device include Digital MP3 player preloaded with daily audio lessons for the term, which enable pupils to learn at their own time and schedule.


The MP3 players, Okewumi added, also ensure that students could access every lesson that is designed for them to further their learning. Digital portable, battery powered MP3 players (plus headphone and recharging cable) + Memory Card, he noted, were distributed to all primary school level households (estimated at 315,000 households) from ECCD to Primary Six in 1,016 schools. “The EKOEXCEL branded players are easy to use and durable with the opportunity to replay lessons.


The players do not require internet connectivity as they are not network dependent and are reusable,” he stressed. While receiving the donation on behalf of the state government, the Deputy Governor, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat, however, noted that with the MP3 players and activity books, pupils can continue to learn irrespective of where they are.


“It is commendable and excellent that the pandemic didn’t deter our focus in devising ways to ensure that children continue to learn. The EKOEXCEL@ Home Learning Adaptation was developed to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on Lagos State public primary school pupils since the pupils were home with little or no access to any academic activity. It was important to develop a method of learning that would impact majority of the pupils at home,” he said.

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