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Education An Indispensable Tool In Birthing New Nigeria

The Hope’ is a book that envisions better tomorrow for Nigeria and other African countries. Every change that comes to any nation comes with a price. Change is inevitable.

The author tries to make Nigerians, Africans and, indeed, black in Diaspora believe there is possibility in impossibility. The first place we can make that possible is in our thought pattern. Doubting mind is an enemy of progress.

The author says: “Reasons why some people may think that the Nigerian dream is a daydream or impossibility is because of the previous challenges the country has encountered.” page 10. We have to change our attitude for the nation to move forward.

Every nation needs a progressive vision. The leaders need the followers vice versa. A shared vision is a fulfilled mission. The country is waiting for the sun of hope. Michael urges the nation to fast not from food but from thinking wrong thoughts.

The youths are parts of the transformational change the country waits. A reading nation is a progressive nation. The author puts across Chief Obafemi Awolowo assertion: “Any people that are starved of books, especially the right type of books, will suffer intellectual malnutrition, stagnation and atrophy.” page 12.

Education is an indispensable tool in birthing the dream of a new Nigeria. Thinking is the business of life. The book has 20 chapters. Each chapter has food for thought, quotes and reflections. The diction is lucid and specific.

The cover design has pictures of our past and present presidents. The cover design has green background which shows the future of this country is green. Hope is everything. Dream is a product of one’s imagination. Michael urges Nigerians to hope for the best.

He affirms that it takes the mind of a man to achieve his dreams and ultimately live a purposeful life. Knowledge from books helps a nation to progress. Government should allocate fund for education.

The author cites Professor Chibuzo Nwoke’s statement that, “If we know so much with all the conferences and workshops conducted, why Nigeria is still the way she is?” page 25.

This is a question we should ponder on. We have to think of the way forward. The author says: “People talk about how and what they know will move Nigeria forward, but they leave it at the discussion table only to go back to their normal lifestyle.” page 25.

The author opines that organisations and religious groups should engage in youth empowerment projects. Government should create employment opportunity, stable power supply and friendly policies to achieve this lofty vision.

The author also advises the youth thus: “I bet you, if there is no job in the country, you would still be you; as the case may be; but you would eventually create a job.” page 29.

This is a motivational book on how to discover a new meaning to life; survive tough times, manage ones emotions, faith and spirituality, national and personal development and a special feature on Africa. This book is a must read for all Nigerians.

The author is a freelance writer, singer, value-entrepreneur and a trained administrator. He’s the initiator of the Mission to Nigeria Project and a minister.

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