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Dutch PM To Quit Politics After Election

The future of the longest serving Prime-Minister in Netherlands history, Mark Rutte is gradually coming to an end as he made it clear that his retirement is underway.

After the November election, Rutte will stay on as leader of a caretaker government until a new administration is formed, a process which in the fractured Dutch political landscape usually takes months.

The Dutch Prime Minister, Rutte unexpectedly said on Monday he would leave politics after the upcoming election, marking the end of his run as the longest serving government leader in Dutch history.

Rutte made his announcement three days after he abruptly handed in the resignation of his fourth coalition administration, which had failed to agree on stricter immigration policies.


“In recent days there’s been a lot of speculation about what motivated me. The only answer is the Netherlands,” Rutte told parliament before a debate on the collapse of the government.

“Yesterday morning I made the decision that I will not again be available as leader of the VVD (party). Once the new cabinet is formed after the election, I will leave politics.”

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