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Don’t allow any false prophet confuse you on marriage (part 2)

A prophecy that encourages you to lie to your spouse is about to scatter your marriage and is from Satan. Prophecy should encourage you to fear God, obey his commandment (Ecclesiastes 12:13) and not to disrespect God and incur his wrath just to please a certain man called prophet.

Another ingredient of false prophecy: “Does the prophecy you have received produce liberty or bondage? If all that comes to you in form of prophecy is that your spouse, in-laws, colleagues, compound mates and every other relative is about to kill you; if you do not know who you are in Christ Jesus or you are a prayerless Christian, all you will keep seeing everywhere you turn are witches that are about to kill you. This is nothing but great bondage.

“For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father” (Romans 8:15). Whenever you receive a prophecy, ask: “Does it agree with God’s word in the Bible? When a prophecy advises you to commit adultery, you should remember that God says you should not do it. Having identified some ingredients of a false prophecy, let us look at the identity of a false prophet.

The first attribute is that a false prophet is crafty and pretentious. Jesus said “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly, they are ravenous wolves” (Matthew 7:15).

A false prophet will order you to make a loss sacrifice he cannot make. For instance, he or she retains a spouse that is an adulterer, but encourages you to divorce yours on the grounds of adultery. They are ‘do what I say and not what I do prophets’.

If you are not careful, they will defraud you and render your rich family poor. They can even snatch your potential spouse from you. A false prophet is proud and arrogant. A true prophet is very humble because he knows that he is merely a messenger of God and that God, who owns that gift of prophecy is capable of withdrawing it from him or her. He or she understands the consequence of such incident because he or she has a genuine relationship with the Almighty God.

God’s prophet always discourages any attempt to make him give God’s glory to himself. See what happened in Revelations 19:10. A false prophet does everything to give you the impression that he is God himself. He creates stringent conditions for assessing him. He tells you to pay money before receiving prophecy.

He threatens your life and marriage and this negatively affects your family or relationship. He even blackmails you guys. He does things to break the good relationship you have with people.

Just like a herbalist, he gives you ritual assignments to conduct, sometimes, at ungodly hours. He could for instance, give you items to drop in your spouse’s food to make your spouse love you more. Some use fetish powers. A false prophet is commercially minded and abuses the concept of seed faith.

He or she puts money as condition for every prayer. This is very unbiblical and ungodly. A false prophet gives you only negative prophesises of threats to your life by neighbours, friends and relatives. The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is good news and his messengers are carriers of good news. It is not that God out of love cannot warn you against dangers ahead to protect you, but bad news cannot be the only message that the messenger of a good and loving God has to offer, in an era of grace when Jesus had died that we may live.

If his death and resurrection power cannot give us security, nothing can provide it. It would seem as if his death was in vain. God forbid. A false prophet is selfish and self-centred. When he or she approaches your house, the first request made is for food to eat.

Some even dictate to you the exact kind of food you must offer them as if you are their parents or owe them. They intimidate you with the encounter of Elijah and the Zarephath widow (1st Kings 17). They don’t care about your welfare. The marriages of many false prophets are troubled marriages.

Some are polygamous and indulge in sexual immorality. Do you want to confirm whether a prophet is false or genuine? Check his or her marriage. This does not however imply that any prophet that has marital issues is false. The issue here is involvement in sin of sexual immorality.

Every sinner is under devil’s captivity and needs deliverance from sin. God’s representative or prophet CANNOT be comfortable with sin. It is impossible. Then, check his message. Most false prophets lack the gospel message of salvation in Christ Jesus, his death and resurrection power. They simply tell you stories and try to hypnotize you, instil fear in your home and exploit your family. Some false prophets prophesy based on public opinion.

For instance, if public opinion says there is nothing wrong with premarital sex, adultery, divorce and other anti-God conducts, a false prophet joins in the chorus, instead of taking your attention to God’s instruction in the Holy scriptures.

A false prophet hardly tells you about the second coming of Jesus Christ and the need for you to prepare yourself, your spouse and children to make heaven. False prophets try to manipulate you.

They are prayer contractors. They tell you to pay a fee for them to fast and pray for you and members of your family. The prophetic office is strictly business to them, rather than ministry. They do not know the Almighty God as they claim and he does not approve of what they are doing. Sometimes, they even employ blackmail to exploit you and members of your family. Don’t allow any false Prophet confuse you on marriage.

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