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Donors for Africa announces list of 2022 GE’DA Leadership Fellows


Donors for Africa Foundation has  proudly announced its 2022 GE’DA leadership development programme fellows.

The 43 selected fellows from 10 African countries represent Africa’s leading changemakers who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to transforming their communities and shaping Africa’s future.

GE’DA’ fellows were chosen through a rigorous competitive process and criteria based on their commitment towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa, outstanding leadership promise, and community service.

According to Chidi Koldsweat, the Executive Director, GE` DA’ a Bini word for “Together Build”  is a three-month intensive professional leadership development programme for third sector leaders working to improve their communities; through this program, they will receive intensive sessions from an expert faculty with competencies on the Sustainable Development Goals.

It is a call to stakeholders from the government, private sector, small businesses, philanthropy organisations, and international agencies to achieve the SDGs by investing in changemakers. The fellowship program is designed for those who desire to understand how to play in the development sector and want to deep dive into building a sustainable social impact organisation.

The fellows are:

1.        Abiodun Alabi                                   (Nigeria)
2.       Monisola Aiyekusehin                   (Nigeria)
3.       Liale Honore                                      (Cameroon)
4.       Timothy Asobele Dare                  (Nigeria)
5.       Katumi Oboirien                              (Nigeria)
6.      Josephine Yese                                 (Nigeria)
7.       Uche Udekwe                                   (Nigeria)
8.      Nancy Kisamwa                               (Kenya)
9.      Donald Eke                                         (Nigeria)
10.    Tobiloba Ajayi                                   (Nigeria)
11.     Judith Ukagwu                                 (Nigeria)
12.    Ruth Mukhwana                              (Kenya)
13.    Joy Ijeneme                                       (Nigeria)
14.    Dr. Beatrice Mwilike                      (Tanzania)
15.    Hauwa Kakudi                                  (Nigeria)
16.    Elizabeth Shoyemi                          (Nigeria)
17.    Charles Jawiambe                           (Uganda)
18.    Nuhu Sadia                                       (Ghana)
19.    Zion Okpo                                          (Nigeria)
20.   Oyeniyi  Oyeniyi                               (Nigeria)
21.    Joseph M.J Ndondi                        (Namibia)
22.    Ebenezer Koukoyi                (Ghana)
23.    Oluwaseun Dosunmu                (Nigeria)
24.   Paul Omagor                     (Uganda)
25.   Michael Showunmi                (Kenya)
26.   Niels Kaze                           (Cameroon)
27.    Edogiawerie Robinson                (Nigeria)
28.   Uzoma Okoro                   (Nigeria)
29.   Yinka Enahoro                  (Nigeria)
30.   Member H. Feese                (Nigeria)
31.    Ridwan  Olorunjeda                (Nigeria)
32.    Collins Alfred                    (Nigeria)
33.   Ahmed Ayinla                   (Nigeria)
34.   Goodness Ahunanya                (Nigeria)
35.   Abifarin Matthew                (Nigeria)
36.   Nancy Judith                     (Kenya)
37.   Nalwadda Oliva                (Uganda)
38.   Noah Kasasa                      (Tanzania)
39.   Pertulla Ezigha                 (Cameroon)
40.   Taofeekat Adigun                (Nigeria)
41.    Birhu Muray Julien                 (Congo DRC)
42.   Cosmas Rongoti                (Zimbabwe)

Donors for Africa Foundation is a non-profit organisation that works actively with social impact leaders, organisations, philanthropists, and investors to break poverty cycles by addressing the global challenges we face in Africa.

The NGO is determined to build a better world by strengthening mission-driven African Social Innovators’ capacity to access funds, achieve groundbreaking results, and create sustainable organisations.

“We make empowered Institutions with suitable internal structures and processes armed with a clear road map for action through our work. Through several leadership incubation programmes, we raise transformational nonprofit/social impact leaders who are skilled and competent in implementing the SDGs.

“We advocate for and educate government and private sector agencies on policies that accelerate the SDGs and the 2063 Agenda. We also focus on research & Impact Investment,” said Koldsweat.

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