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Do2dtun Reacts As Tee Billz Drag Davido Over Series Of Allegations

Nigerian media personality, Do2dtun, has slammed talent manager, Tee Billz, over a series of allegations against the award-winning singer, Davido, for allegedly disrespecting his family, and not seeing his daughter for two years.

This comes following allegations from Tee Billz, threatening to expose how Davido bullied his first baby mama, Sophia Momodu, who gave birth to his first daughter, Imade.

Tee Billz alleged that Davido was peddling rumours about him after he pleaded with Sophia to allow him to see his daughter, Imade.

He further claimed that Davido had not seen Imade for two Christmases, and people around him had failed to tell him the truth about his wrongdoings.

Reacting to the allegations, Do2dtun took to his X page to question why Davido should be described as a ‘deadbeat’ father even when he wants to be with his child.


He further challenged Billz’s statement, accusing Davido of not seeing his first daughter for two years and begging Sophia Momodu to allow Davido to access his child.

He wrote, “Listen it’s okay to fight or not fight at all. if it will take your life or it takes away your peace, fight or choose yourself.’ Don’t be mad at someone for walking away or choosing to fight differently. why paint a Father who wants to be in his child’s life a “Deadbeat” Dad?

“I as an example; Do you know what I have been through dealing with the level of garbage & fuckery perpetuated by a bunch of dirty people who feel the only way to get at me is by using my kids? When you bait a man or woman with children, you will get the worst reaction out of it.

“Tee Billz I might agree with everything else you said but saying someone should be ashamed of himself cos he hasn’t seen his child for two Christmas” means what? I am Challenging this. A CHILD IS FOR TWO PEOPLE NOT ONE.

“Why must it be okay that the mother is the only person that has a right to a child? For example, You think I don’t want to see my kids or share my time wit them but why is it okay for someone to use a child as a weapon?

“ITS COS of narratives like this that enables such cruelty. Why do you need to beg someone for a Father to have access to his child? Defend whoever but stop enabling “a pure act of evil” perpetrated by many people these days. Leave the children out. Children have rights too.”

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