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Do not execute Yaya Sharif-Aminu, Primate Ayodele warns

The spiritual Leader of INRI Evangelical Church, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, has warned the authorities in Kano State not to execute Yaya Sharif-Aminu, the singer who was recently sentenced to death by hanging.


The Kano-based singer was sentenced to death by a Sharia Court in the state, for blaspheming against Holy Prophet Mohammed. Primate Ayodele frowned at the Sharia Court judgement saying that killing Yaya Sharif-Aminu would amount to shedding the blood of an innocent man.


Although the 22-year-old singer was given the option to appeal against the  ruling, the Primate in a statement issued on Friday described Sharif-Aminu as a talented young singer who does not deserve to die before his appointed time.


According to Ayodele, religion preaches love tolerance, and forgiveness and killing the singer is not in tandem with what religion preaches. To buttress his point the Primate pointed out that lots of Book Haram members have been granted amnesty even though they deserved to die because they killed many Nigerians.


Meanwhile, Civil Societies Organisations have ordered for immediate release of the singer insisting that the sentence to death by hanging is tantamount to cruel and inhuman practice which has no place in modern society.


Many Nigerians have condemned the Sharia Court judgement describing it as a crime against humanity, adding that there is no good justification for a man to fight for God. Incidentally many Nigerians are clamouring for justice Yaya Sharif-Aminu.

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