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Diya charges Nigerians to rise against war mongers

Former Chief of General Staff under the late General Sani Abacha Military regime, Lieutenant General Oladipo Diya, has charged Nigerians to rise against war and its apostles, warning that recent agitations in the country are taking dangerous dimensions. Diya stated this in a statement personally signed by him and made available to journalists yesterday in Abeokuta, Ogun State, on the occasion of his 77th birthday.

The elder statesman in the statement titled; “A clarion call for peace in a nation in dire need of unity,” noted that Nigeria is in dire need of peace and not war. He admitted that there have been lingering misunderstandings across groups in the country, with accusing fingers pointed at different directions. Diya, however, called for ceasefire, saying it is time to do soul searching as the country cannot continue with the dangerous trend. He said: “There is no gainsaying that we all need to come together to confront our common enemy – war and its apostles – so that we can rise together as one. “Nigeria is a uniquely blessed nation.

God has bequeathed on us a large vibrant population; a vast land filled graciously with milk and honey. North, East, South or West, everywhere you turn, there is a mineral resource that will remind you that God loves us. “As a people, we should not allow these free gifts of nature to turn us against one another.

I agree that there has always been one misunderstanding or the other, for a long time, but what we are witnessing in recent past is alarming. It is taking a dangerous turn. The signs are ominous. “We seem to have forgotten that fundamentally we are brothers and sisters from one source, in one nation with a common destiny. Let us pursue peace and eschew violence at all costs, by all means. “Many actors have made their positions known. A lot more have pointed accusing fingers. We have turned the table and changed the narratives, just to suit our positions.

One thing is certain, we cannot continue like this. Enough is enough.” He also warned the political class against playing politics with security matters in the country, saying that: “The political class must play by the rules and observe the thin line that separates politics from governance. Security matters should not be toyed with on the altar of politicking. “Hate speech, fake news, as well as inciting ethnic-religious acts should be completely eradicated.

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