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Digital Marketing: ‘Low Internet connectivity, data cost dip potential’

Low internet connectivity and high cost of internet data have been identified as the biggest challenges affecting the digital marketing in Nigeria. Though the online advertising market in Nigeria witnessed an unprecedented growth between 2015 and 2018 and predicted to generate $133 million in revenue by 2023, it is faced by various challenges hindering its growth. In a chat with New Telegraph, the CEO, Ad Dynamo, a digital advertising company, Sean Riley, said apart from low internet connectivity and high cost of internet data, there was initially dearth of tech talent to push the digital marketing in Nigeria. “This has been a problem for the companies like mine in Nigeria. Finding local talent has been another significant challenge, particularly in the early stages of Aleph,” he noted.

He also mentioned nairadollar exchange rate as another significant challenge the industry is facing. He, however, stated that his brand partners were collaborating with local telecoms companies to create zero-rated views, in which these companies cover the data costs on behalf of the users. “This has been in operation in Nigeria for many years. But, it has not been made publicly available to users,” he said, explaining that the company had plans for placement for the young talents who have excelled in the training programme. He also said that there were strategies in place to help these talents get job placements in some of the brands and companies that Ad Dynamo collaborates with. Speaking on the future of digital marketing, Sean said the future of digital advertising would be heavily dominated by TikTok and Augmented Reality (AR).

In a conversation with New Telegraph, Riley, who states that Ad Dynamo has been operating in Nigeria since 2011, believes that the increasing availability of a faster broadband capacity has driven users to consume more video content as well as experiment with AR and VR. Hence, marketers must meet consumers where they are mostly present. Riley confirmed that Nigeria could very well upscale as a top emerging market when discussing the future plans. He announced that Ad Dynamo planned to bring more partner brands to the Nigerian digital advertising space as Aleph plans to represent more brands. He also said there were plans to offer services to small businesses. Asked if his company could have its headquarters in Nigeria as many tech companies are choosing other African countries over Nigeria, Sean was sceptical, citing mobility and harsh policies as the barriers.

He disclosed that his company had just launched a free Digital Ad Expert programme in Nigeria, designed to train, equip and upscale young Nigerians with the digital marketing and advertising skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly digitising market, enabling them to compete internationally for jobs in the growth market. “The programme’s goal is to provide 8,000 qualified Nigerians with the necessary skills and approved certification, while also expanding digital marketing and resource opportunities. “Aleph hopes to foster an environment in which people can achieve good sales results while maintaining positive relationships. “Ad Dynamo has been present in Nigeria since 2011. With the help of major brands such as Yahoo, Twitter, Snapchat, Spotify, and others, the company has grown to be worth millions of dollars.

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