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DGCC Begins Recruitment, Training Into Various Positions

Divine Global Christian Chaplain (DGCC) under Divine Global Christian Chaplaincy College (DGCCC), has sent out a notice that they have begun recruiting members of the public to be trained for various positions. DGCC was founded on Saturday, August 7, 2021 by Archbishop of Prof. Oludele Isaac Olugbemiga, and was registered with the Federal Republic of Nigeria through the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on Monday, 31st January, 2022.

He said the recruitment notice was released to make Christians aware of the initiative where they are trained to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. He said that DGCC had trained 100s of Christians and Christian leaders in various positions since the inception of the initiative and that holders of the SSCE, Bachelor Degree, Masters Degree and higher Qualifications could also be part of the training.

“The initiative to recruit people to DGCC is to train Christians and Christian leaders on how to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost in a more disciplined way and to show Christ’s love to the hopeless and the depressed within the country and outside the country.”

“Members of the public most importantly Christians and Christian Leaders should be aware of the benefits of becoming a member of DGCC to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the Globe without hindrances.” “DGCC is sending the message to the members of the public to join DGCC to be trained as a Chaplain and to have access to Chaplaincy Education.”

“The online training lasts for two weeks and the physical training lasts between two to three days,” applications can be accessed at dgcc1976@

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