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Deb China discloses major collabos as Maradona makes impression

With her current single, Maradona doing pretty well on the music charts of major radio stations across the country, especially on dance app, TikTok, as well as on Spotify, Deb China is ready to kick off on a bigger scale. As we approach the second quarter of the year, she’s warming up to release another song early next month. According to the delectable exotic dancer, screen vixen and model born Deborah Chinazor, the forthcoming song will be even hotter on the charts although it is a mid-tempo tune. Deb China, who started her music career in 2021, recently released Maradona, a song that talks about the insincerity of some men who only deceive and lead ladies on for what they want to get from them, as her follow-up single.

The dancer and singer of Igbo origins, made an open declaration before thou- sands of her listening fans during a concert organised by front- l i n e urban music station, BEAT 99.9 F M that her emergence on the music scene will come with a lot of changes in the way things are done. Also known as the Silly Good Girl, Deb China, has promised to inject a good dose of silly stunts she is known for into her music to create a unique persona that distinguishes her brand from those of other female artistes in the industry.

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