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Dark skinned girls: Colours that make toe nails pop

Dark skinned girls have always struggled to find colours that blend with their skin. Same issue when it comes to choosing the right shades of lipstick and right shades of hair extensions and now, it’s also a different issue when it come to getting the right colour that makes their toe nails pop.

A black girls’ worry never ends. When it comes to nail polish, all colours are gorgeous and fit perfectly for light skinned girls. Many years ago, when nail polish was introduced as one of the beauty regimens, the colours were few.


Red, pink, brown and purple. Only red fitted black skin perfectly because it was sharp and bright, but presently, there are several colours that can suit a dark skinned toes. They are Fuchsia pink, nude, lilac, wine, royal blue, tomato red, baby blue and green. Even black looks gorgeous on toe nails.


Leaf green and other shades of green are the most popular right now. Let these photos of gorgeous toes nails with popping colours inspire you.

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