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Dare Art Alade: It’s Not Easy Handling Music, Business Careers

What has been happening with your music career? After you released the song, “Pray for Me”, it seemed like you fled from the music circle?

My music is there. I have a lot of songs unreleased but right now, I am just focused on my other career, business, and my entrepreneurship journey.

What is the business you are focused on?

It is a company called Life Spot 360. It is a full-service creative solution company. It is focused on advertising, experiential marketing, digital tech, and entertainment production. We do all those things. My advertising business is focused on promoting one’s brand, and campaigns. So far, the company is the producer of Real House Wives of Lagos and Real House Wives of Abuja.

Is it too tedious combining business and your music career, that you are focusing more on the business?

It is a lot of work. Plenty of people to manage, and plenty of clients to manage.

How long are your fans going to wait to see you back to your music career again?

I don’t know yet.

You are one of the celebrities with a successful marriage. What is the secret behind your success?

A healthy relationship is always based on good communication, maintaining your friendship, remembering that you are friends first and foremost, and tolerance. And letting each other be the best versions of themselves.

What is your opinion about the new genre of music by recent waves in the music industry?

I am excited and happy with the kind of music and talents in Nigeria.

Do you feel you have a competition with the recent music stars, the likes of Davido, Rema, etc?

I don’t have any competition. I just do my own thing. My genre of music is different from theirs. So, there’s no competition. Your kind of music is not really regular, like what other music artists do today.

What would you say about your sound?

My music is unique.

You are one celebrity that is a fashionista. What’s your take on your kind of fashion?

I love being comfortable and I like an edgy look.

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