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Dapo Pelmar: Performing at Qatar World Cup with Kizz Daniel, my best moment

“I worked as customer service officer,  drycleaner before music”

Ifedapo Zacchaeus, popularly known as Dapo Pelmar, recently had a lucky break when he sang at the recent World Cup in Qatar with Nigeria’s super star, Kizz Daniel. A former winner of the top six awards of the The Voice Nigeria talent hunt, Pelmar tells IFEOMA ONONYE, in this interview about his struggles, successes and expectations


Tell us the story behind your singing talent. Discovering my singing talent is dated back to 2010 in Ife.

Back then, I would sing some known songs like, most Chris Brown’s songs and classic R&B songs at that time. Some of my friends would look at me in awe and amazement.

To validate this discovery and be sure that I could really do what they were saying I could, I went for some competitions in school in 2014, Next Rated Star, which I won and at that point, I knew it was a go for me.

When you discovered that you had a great talent in singing and music, what was your next step?

I attempted to sharpen my singing talent and make it more refined. So, I took courses online that helped me with theory and practical based vocal majors. I got committed to a church choir on campus, Livingword Fellowship and in Lagos, TREM Church. These were the starters for me in my singing career.

There was a post on social media where you wrote that your mum and dad should see you now. Did your parents not support your singing career back then?

Well, my mum is late. She died in 2006 and she passed on way before I started to discover my singing talent, though she loved music and sang a lot at home whilst cooking and baking back then. Dad was obstinate at the point when I wanted to delve completely into doing music full time.

We had friction here and there until he cut me the gradual slack and here we are. He was at my blind auditions on The Voice Nigeria and was present at the finals too. Those were proud moments for him, I believe.

Before music career took you completely, what other careers interest did you have? Are you one of the few that wanted to be a doctor or lawyer but couldn’t ?

I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and had worked in that capacity for two years. I also worked with a pension fund administrator, first, as a Customer Service Officer, then as an IT engineer. I had taken some courses before redeploying into that position. I was also a laundry and drycleaning expert to make extra cash. I had a workspace and people I worked with. I did all these before music took me full time.

There have been several arguments on how easy or difficult singing and making music is. As someone living it now, tell us, is it easy or difficult?

The challenge in pursuing a music career is usually not making music or singing in itself. It is the consistency that is the real challenge.

Singing and making music may be good for a time but evolving with time and season only actualises with consistency, and that is what many artistes lack.

When you made the top six in the voice singing contest, what was your biggest battle or challenge?

Oh! The Voice Nigeria, I remember my biggest challenges were my health and when I was doing the battles, where I performed ‘Already’.

I sometimes had difficulty in breath- ing and when I sing a lot or stress myself, it surfaces and I either have to stop singing at that time or just pull through with lower energy.

The battles on The Voice Nigeria were tough too. The song, ‘Already’ by Beyonce and Shatta Wale wasn’t my usual forte. So, I worked extra hard to deliver it the way I did. Thankfully, I did well. How did you feel working with Super Star, Kizz Daniels?

Well, it’s been three years and every moment of it all has been splendid. The exposure, the actual glimpse into the industry, the vibes, everything. I was a gentle and reserved one though. It cost me a little but let me leave it at that.

Performing at the FIFA WORLD CUP in QATAR was the zenith of my time with him, yet. I use the word ‘Yet’ because I know that it will be a milestone to many other big opportunities and feats to come. It was a memorable one that will remain ever green in my life.

You have also been seen with other super star musicians. Who have you also worked it?

I have worked with many of the Great names in the industry namely, Sinach, Burna Boy, Pato Ranking, Nathaniel Bassey, Kizz Daniel, which everybody knows, Tim Godfrey, Late Sammie Okposo, TY Bello, Falz, Waje, MasterKraft,

Onos Ariyo, to mention a few. Having worked with notable music super stars, do you think up coming musicians can gain more or do better in their music career if they were able to meet at least, one or two successful musicians before their career kicks off?

I think its true but not always and not for everyone. Everyone has got different paths to walk in life and whether it kicks off from meeting established super stars or climbing your own way up the ladder, it is more important to note that you stay true to yourself and pray that you continue to walk in God’s will for you.

Do the records, make the music, expand your network, respect access and make good use of the privileges given to you. There’s light incoming. Nigerians love club banging music. We have seen the likes of Inyaya change from soul, R&B to club sounds, just to maintain their relevance.

Are you sure you would not do the same?

I’m more about creating timeless pieces that would be sung for generations to come. Songs that will outlive me and make continual sense to listeners globally. If any clubby and banging music has made it past 20 years after its release in terms or global appreciation, generational impact and streaming prowess, then I will switch with style. If not, we stick to timeless music and fusions.

How much were you paid for performing alongside Kizz Daniel at the world cup?

Did it help in anyway to boost your music career?

Above money, the exposure and experience of handling a mixed crowd like that would help boost one’s career.

Money will come and be spent a n d will go. It’s the experience for me. You mentioned it cost you to work with Kizz Daniel.

Did you pay him or you sponsored yourself for the trip?

I meant my gentle and reserved nature on the team cost me a little…

I leave it there still

Are you signed on any record label or are you scared of the clauses hidden in most of the contracts?

I am not signed yet, though in talks with a few labels and looking to have the best deals on the table. Anyother deal can come in. It’s all about the best after all.

What genre of music have you chosen for your career?

It is RnB/Soul always. I can always infuse them into Afrobeat but primarily, this is my chosen genre. Are you working on your album and what is the greatest inspiration behind it? Yes, I am working on my album and it is titled ‘King Of Soul’.

It is a beautiful piece and hopefully, you all will get to see it this first quarter, in February hopefully. My Inspiration remains the combination of God, love and life in general. Tell us a little about growing up. Was it fun?

I am a 30-year-old, born on April 22. As the only child of my parents, life was interesting.

My parents were lecturers by the way. I had my younger days in the heart of Bariga suburb of Lagos. I went ahead to school at Federal College of Education, Staff School. I also attended Western College, Yaba, Lagos for my secondary education.

I was a top tier scholar all my life till music took over everything in me.

Against all efforts from my father to school in Lagos, I chose to do my tertiary education at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, where the basis of my music life was laid. I love to claim that I am jointly from Ondo and Lagos states. I love to travel, play games, watch Epic movies and my values remains God, Family and Impact!

You are becoming a sensation and famous.  How many winks do you get from girls and female admirers?

This is a very funny question. But, well, I will say I get quite a handful of the winks, even on a daily basis. I’m getting comfortable with it though as I believe it’s part of the package. I mean, I know how to sing, I am fine, I am sensible, I have God and added to that, I am a boss.

Young people these days want fast money without working hard. What is your advice?

There is a thing called process. It can not be overemphasized that enjoying, learning and going through the process leads to success. I encourage my fellow young people to enjoying going through the process.

The knowledge you get on the process also has its rewards. Good Success like I call it is sweeter


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