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Cynthia Okereke, Clemson Cornel kidnap raises security concern for Nollywood actors

News of the release of two star Nollywood actors; Cynthia Okereke and Clemson Cornel, after their kidnap in Enugu State on their way from a movie set last week has brought relief to stakeholders, however the incident has further thrown up the need for security for actors. Stakeholders have persistently harped on the need for actors to be properly protected, especially when they go for movie shooting in the countryside.

The impression by these kidnappers is that actors are rich and so they have enough to money throw around when such an emergency occur, forgetting that they are in a “make-believe’ industry. Actors are sometimes cast as rich in movies, and of course, they also thrive on posing as rich men and women on the social media.

The last few days have revealed that indeed actors are like everyday Nigerians, who feel the impact of the current harsh economic situation in the country. While there is a growing call for increase in security for Nigerians, time has come for those in the Nollywood industry to provide adequate security for actors to and fro movie sets now that they are not spared by daredevil kidnappers, who wanted $100,000 as ransom from two movie gladiators “in an industry that is struggling to survive,” as stated by an observer. That the country is passing through its worst moment regarding security is an understatement, but the fact remains that the glamorous movie industry needs to perfect the act of securing its members against robbery and kidnapping, while on movie sets.

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