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CWCDA collaborates to create BACKUP police brutality mobile app

In the wake of the ENDSARS protest of 2020 and the recent spike in cases of police brutality in various states of Nigeria, the Centre for Civic Citizens Welfare and Community Development Africa (CWCDA) has teamed up with the Open society initiation for (OSIWA), to create a GPS enabled mobile application designed to act as an alerting system for victims of police brutality. According to the managing partner of the CWCDA Olajide Abiose, Backup was created to cast a spotlight on the dangers of police brutality, improve incidence reporting, collect viable data and rally public interest for its victims.

You will recall that the mission of the CWCDA is to accelerate social impact through technology and innovation, therefore the Backup project goals seeks to leverage technology for increasing police accountability and ultimately spurring policy changes.

Backup works by enabling victims to share live locations and texts to emergency contacts, personal social media accounts or to Civil societies who are at the fore of the fight against human rights violation.Over the years, the foundation is known to have unveiled other mobile solutions such as UNSUB, a mobile application for gender-based violence reporting and ENGAGE a crowd sourcing platform that uses new technologies to allow citizens freely call on government to take actions in areas they would love to see changes.

Likewise, RISE a platform that connects people in need to people of means in Nigeria has recorded great success since its launch.Lastly, testing of BACKUP app will commence soon, after which the official launch of the mobile Application will be made available to the general public.

The relevance of a technological solution for police brutality could not have come at a better time, therefore the CWCDA applauds the Open society initiative of west
Africa for its lifelong partnership and commitment to tackling social issues.
CWCDA is on a mission to impact lives by leveraging technology for social change. Built from scraps and recycled materials, we are an ecofriendly technology organization that empowers people, governments and agencies in the areas of social development.

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