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CSU, Tinubu And Farooq Kperogi’s Merchant Of Corn

Farooq Kperogi in an infantile bid to launder the image of Bola A. Tinubu, as the person who graduated from Chicago State University (CSU), exposed the criminal records of Tinubu at the US university the more. I will respond to all the issues raised by Farooq Kperogi to demonstrate that they are all lies orchestrated to make people believe that President Bola A. Tinubu graduated from CSU. First, Farooq Kperogi claimed that: “I took advantage of my being a Professor here in the US and reached out to friends and colleagues at the school to help me verify this information.”

According to Farooq Kperogi, it was his unnamed friend, a professor of English at the university who went to the Registrar’s office and confirmed that Tinubu indeed graduated from CSU. Farooq Kperogi is being smart by half. The issue in controversy has always been: “Is Bola. A. Tinubu, a male or female?” The purported Registrar of CSU could not have disclosed the identity of the owner of the certificate, whether a male or female going by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which Farooq Kperogi even cited that prohibits the release of the records of a student to a third party.

So, how does the purported response from an unnamed Registrar of CSU resolve the issue of identity theft by President Bola A. Tinubu? It is indeed laughable and reminds me of the claim by Tinubu’s lawyer, led by Oluwole (what a striking coincidence of a name), that an unnamed Chicago State University clerk was responsible for all the errors associated with Tinubu’s certificate and records at CSU. To Farooq Kperogi: “The yearbook photo of the 1979 CSU cohort features the headshot of an unmistakably younger Tinubu, even though his last name was misspelt as ‘THUBV’”.

Why Tinubu? Why was his name misspelt? After all, he was not the only Nigerian or international student who attended CSU? If the university was able to properly spell the names of Adedoyin and Adadevoh, how come they misspelled a name as simple as Tinubu? How come Tinubu was the only graduate of 1979 who ended up being listed in the 1980 yearbook? How come the person who signed Tinubu’s certificate only emerged as head of the institution 19 years after he graduated from the school and was still the same person who signed the replacement certificate in 2022, a good 43 years? I still wonder how Farooq Kperogi can rely on a headshot on a yearbook to conclude that President Bola A. Tinubu graduated from CSU when there is a convincing record that the name Bola A. Tinubu, who is associated with CSU, is a female.

IS IT NOT THE SAME TINUBU THAT CLAIMED THE CHILDHOOD PICTURE OF DONALD DUKE? IS IT NOT THE SAME TINUBU THAT LIED HE ATTENDED THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO AND GOVERNMENT COLLEGE IBADAN? The information which Farooq Kperogi is bandying is complete hearsay (what in Nigeria is referred to as ‘THEM SAY’) and only meaningful in beer parlour banters and accordingly has no probative value at all. Farooq Kperogi cannot by his mere assertion contradict the information contained in the record released by CSU under subpoena that Bola A.

Tinubu is a female. Res ipsa loquitur. Second, Farooq Kperogi asserted that: “A search of Bola A. Tinubu in the archive of US College graduation records yields zero match- es; this is not the issue in controversy. Farooq Kperogi went on to say: “But a search of “Bola A. THUBV” (which one Engr. Stanley with Twitter handle @Engr_Stanley_EC did) turns up the record of a male who graduated from CSU with a degree in Business Administration (and a concentration in accounting)”.

This is bizarre. How can a professor believe such fabricated lies from “one Engr. Stanley” whose real identity is unknown? How did the “one Engr. Stanley” get the records in the Archive of US College Graduation records? Nigerians will believe you more if you can liaise with the “one Engr. Stanley” to conduct the search by yourself and tell Nigerians the result of the search with verifiable links and or documents from the search. Anything short of that is a ruse.

Third, Farooq Kperogi asserted that: “But the social security number in the Southwest College Transcript supposedly belonging to a female Bola A. Tinubu is 231-060-595. That’s an impossible numbering scheme for a US Social security number. Plus the transcript isn’t properly dated and leaves the spaces for date of birth and record of high school blank. These are no trivial red flags of inauthenticity”.

May I ask Farooq Kperogi, are these red flags of inauthenticity not enough compelling reason for the CSU to officially release the academic records of Bola A. Tinubu to lay to rest all these “ultimately self-contradictory inaccuracies and innuendoes” as captured by Farooq Kperogi, and set the records straight which will make your image laundering business easier? Farooq Kperogi’s intervention looks too much like a PR script as it failed to touch on the red flag about the discrepancies in the logo and fonts of CSU and the fallacies of signatories in the certificate Tinubu presented and the one that the school registrar released.

He didn’t talk about the errors that Tinubu’s lawyers talked about themselves. He deliberately ignored those issues. He writes as though he was the one that enrolled this Bola A. Tinubu – and knows all the facts about him. Any objective article that borders on such a sensitive issue must leave room for scepticism. He didn’t do that and so, Farooq Kperogi can at best be described as a corn merchant on this one.

And by the way, when the Richard Dailey School changed its name, did it change the gender of their students, too? As of today, there is an academic record of Bola A. Tinubu belonging to a female obtained from CSU through a subpoena which the CSU has not refuted. Farooq Kperogi was quick to inquire from his purported friend at CSU to find out the academic records of Tinubu but failed to find out from his friend if the records from CSU showing that Tinubu is a female are true or false.

How, Farooq Farogi, will you feel if your student confronts you with the CSU document showing that your president is a female? How will you convince your student that the document is false? By words of mouth? Would you not appear unserious to your student? Can this scenario play out in the USA where you japa? Can the citizens of the USA allow this controversy on the academic records of our president on their president?

Will the institutions in the USA not have resolved this controversy long ago and made their findings public? Why are you advo- cating a different measure in your country? This is highly unpatriotic from a self-claimed patriot. Fourth, the analogy you have on the locking of Aisha Rajvanshi and CSU Twitter accounts in response to “unremittingly vitriolic denunciation from some Nigerians” is faulty.

Aisha Rajvanshi is a private person while CSU is a public institution that serves the public not only Nigerians but the whole world. Which image is CSU portraying to the whole world? The CSU Twitter account is the virtual image of the school. By locking its Twitter account, CSU has unwittingly shut down CSU as an institution. Twitter is a media platform for dissemination and reception of information.

A responsible and responsive institution cannot lock a channel through which the outside world could reach the institution just because some individuals raised some genuine concerns on CSU’s nonchalant disposition towards a demand for the release of an academic record of just a student which has been shrouded in controversy.

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