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Count me out of president of Igbo extraction –Ned Nwoko

A former member of House of Representatives, Hon. Prince Dr. Ned Nwoko has said he does not believe in the agitation for president of Igbo extraction come 2023 but a pan-Nigerian leader with agenda for national service above tribe or religion.


Nwoko, a Prince of Idumuje-Ugboko Kingdom in Aniocha North Local Government area of Delta State, disclosed this in an interview with “Olu Ntorobia Igbo” (Voice of the Igbo Youth)” when he received a delegation of Igbo youths led by Mazi Chukwuma Okpalaezeukwu.


The billionaire philanthropist said quest for sectional president among some ethnic groups ahead of the next general elections was not the solution to the myriad of socio economic and political problems plaguing the nation.


“I am not among those that say an Igbo man, Yoruba man, Hausa or Fulani man must be President. Neither do I believe that a Muslim nor a Christian must be President. That is not my problem. I just feel that we are generally wrong when we attach tribe and/or religion to such Office and Position,” Nwoko said.


He noted that the people must instead consider credibility, focus, ability and exposure in the search for president and explained that Nigeria’s problem is not true Federalism, as being canvassed in some quarters but patriotic leadership that is able to understand what the challenges are and tackle them one by one. Nwoko said: “Tribal or religious profiling is mere gimmick by some power seeking politicians.


There are good leaders across the tribes who can lead this nation, just as there are bad leaders everywhere. “Inept leadership is not ethnic -specific or sectarian driven. A Southern Christian corrupt leader is as bad as a morally deficient Northern Muslim politician. We must stop playing the ethnic card and shun stoking religious sentiments for the peace, unity and progress of the nation


“There must be a collective national conscience that should inspire solutions to our constraints. For example, Malaria is a  pandemic in Africa, it is our problem. But we all seem to accept it as part of us; No, we shouldn’t. COVID-19 has changed our habit and understanding towards looking for solutions. Because COVID-19 is a White man’s problem, developed countries like Russia, USA, India, Britain and others are working very hard to produce multiple vaccines That is understanding the problems and finding solutions to them “How come all these years we Africans have not invested our time or money to finding vaccine for Malaria.

This is because, firstly, Malaria is an African Problem and not a White Man’s problem. So Africans in their usual way of life do not border to find solutions to the deadly scourge .Secondly, African Leaders did not understand it as our problem and therefore could not invest in it or find solutions.


“At some point, I felt that we should invest in Malaria research for the solution which is malaria vaccine. I am selflessly committing resources to that .That succinctly explains my commitment to the now famous global anti-Malaria campaign which made me to undertake an expedition to Antarctica in 2019. Apart from research for Malaria, we also understand the causes of Malaria.


The more untidy our environment, the more Mosquito we would have, hence breeding Malaria and all the health hazards. So we are focusing on Sanitation. “To achieve this, we must effectively manage our waste and recycle into useful resources. We are currently working on the recycling Plant and we are proposing a minimum of one Plant in every Local Government.


Once we effectively manage our waste and sustain it, we can then fumigate with suitable and environmental friendly chemicals in order to completely eradicate mosquito.


“We have initiated an onslaught against malaria. ‘Kick malaria out of Africa’ is a con  tinental project; understanding a problem and addressing it. Therefore, Nigeria desires a leader that will understand her problems and address them squarely irrespective of tribe or religion”


On the fortunes and identity of Igbos, prince Nwoko, who is the chancellor of the proposed STARS University Idumuje- Ugboko, the first sports university in sub Saharan Africa, said the Igbo nationality is primed for progress with the election of a new leadership of Ohanaeze. “Indeed, Ndi Igbo got it right in our choice for Amb. Prof. George Obiozor (Ugwumba) as President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide.


“Irrespective of the zoning sentiments, my contentment and support for Ambassador George Obiozor is not because it is the turn of Ndi Imo, among other Igbo states, to produce the President General, but because he is an embodiment of experience and Knowledge. Ambassador Obiozor is a renowned international figure that has the influence and capacity to take Ndi Igbo to the next level in Nigeria and the world at large.


“My advice to Ndi Igbo is to embrace and foster unity among ourselves. We must eschew unhealthy rivalry. We should build more bridges across board and promote Think Home Philosophy ‘Aku Luo Uno’. It is important. “In Nigeria, if we can have a Leader that will understand Nigeria’s problems and address them, we all shall be happy and won’t bother which tribe or religion such leader comes from.


I believe sincerely that President Muhammadu Buhari is an honest leader who means well for Nigeria. We can only pray for the enthronement of another leader who will arise in 2023 to surpass his efforts and uplift the nation. Daalu nu,” Nwoko said.

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