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CNN highlights Nigerians’ achievements in tech space

U.S.-based Cable News Network (CNN) International has highlighted Nigeria’s achievements in the tech space featuring the country’s tech entrepreneurs on its Inside Africa programme. The programme first showcased Olatunbosun Tijani, the brain behind one of Africa’s biggest networks of tech talent.

Tijani founded the Co-Creation (CC) Hub in 2010 as a meeting place for innovators in the heart of Lagos. He spoke about his inspiration, saying that “science and technology can leapfrog development across Africa and there are so many smart people on this continent, we just need to build a platform that will enable them to create.” Some of CC Hub’s successful partnerships include a healthcare logistics company that delivers lifesaving blood, a digital security platform promoting internet safety, and Google-sponsored ‘Pitch Drives’ that help introduce African start-ups to Asia.

Featured next was Odun Eweniyi, one of the founders of PiggyVest, a financial technology company that is teaching young people the value of their money, by helping them to save it. Eweniyi explained that “PiggyVest is an automated saving and investment platform that helps young Nigerians put aside little amounts of money daily, weekly or monthly towards their targets or their responsibilities and eventually gives them access to micro-investments to get competency returns.”

According to Eweniyi, PiggyVest now has more than two million registered users. Despite the coronavirus shutdown and the disruptions it has caused, Eweniyi said she remains committed to her original mission of helping people save small to achieve big results. The third techpreneur is Chika Madubuko, the co-founder and CEO of Greymate Care.

Madubuko explained the concept thus, “before Greymate Care was launched, you would normally find someone who was a caregiver or an auxiliary nurse signing up with the hospital or an agency, but then they stayed for so long without jobs. With Greymate Care they got more jobs quickly, and they got the appropriate jobs that matched the kind of services they could provide.” Madubuko’s company is one of many start-ups revolutionising the healthcare industry.

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