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Clerics want legislation against use of megaphone for preaching

Islamic clerics have called for legislation against the use of megaphone for religious preaching because of its tendency to cause friction and environmental hazard.

The clerics said that it would amount to insensitivity of some sort to others when one faith forces its preaching on others unsolicited for through the use of loud megaphones from worship centres and street preaching.

The Chief Missioner, Jejewiyyat Muslim Association of Nigeria and Overseas, (JMANO) Prof. Abdulkadil Olawale-Paramole, said that, the use of megaphone in religious preaching do not make people heed to one’s message. Olawale-Paramole, also the Founder Forum of Islamic Leaders Ojo and the Head of Department (HOD) Peace and Islamic Studies Lagos State University (LASU)that, a good legislation with appropriate sanction meted to culprits would confer sanity to the abused environment. “In any civilised environment such as Lagos there must be precautionary measures toward the welfare of people in general.

“Nigeria is known for its multi-religious activities if caution is not taken there might danger. The use of megaphone for preaching should be regulated to sanitise the environment. “There people that do not want to hear that your message tailoring it to them through your loud device is being insensitive to their right. “More people of your faith can hear whatever you wish to tell within the four walls of your worship centre. Even if you want preach to people that are not of your faith such can be done quietly through publications such as hand bills and pamphlets,” he said.

The University lecturer said that the use of such devices for religious teachings has been legislated against by the Saudi authorities. He called on the Nigerian authorities to emulate the Saudi Arabian state and regulate megaphone for preaching to reduce noise in the environment.

Also speaking on the use of megaphone, the National Amir of the Supreme Council of Islamic Preachers(SCIP) South-West Nigeria Alhaji Taofeek Akewugbagold said such crude way of preaching has gone out of fashion.

Akewugbagold, stressed unwanted sound as noise, said that faithful should be curtailed from distracting public with their messages, saying such was not an effective means of retaining members or getting new converts. He urged the state to put up stringent measures to reduce its use to protect people.


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