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Cleric Calls For Overhaul Of Nigeria’s Political Architecture

A Cleric, Pastor Moses Ademola Popoola, has stressed the need for complete overhaul of the Nation’s political architecture to reduce cost of governance and ensure rapid development of the country.

Pastor Popoola, who is the Minister-in-charge of the English Section, Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church Ilorin District Headquarters, made the call on Sunday while fielding questions from newsmen on the sideline of the Oluwole Foundation Empowerment programme.

The Cleric, who is also the Vice Chairman, Kwara State Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), opined that the Nation urgently needs quality leadership, while urging political will to prosecute corrupt Nigerians to serve as deterrents to others.

He stressed the need for sincerity on the part of both the government and the people.

Pastor Popoola threw his weight behind the establishment of the State Police to curb the ravaging security challenges plaguing the Nation, adding that the federal police don’t have the capacity to rein in these marauders and bandits troubling the peace of the nation.

He said: “The issue or problem is not with the system of government, parliamentary or presidential, we practise, but leadership.

“I have several countries where Senators go to office without big and expensive cars, Governors go by train, but in Nigeria the problem is that we have leaders who want to acquire wealth by any means.

“So, if we go to parliamentary system or federal system of government, it okay by me, but will the parliamentary actually reduce cost of governance?

“I say no because we are also going to have honourables, senators who will not want to cut their salaries and emoluments, even under parliamentary system of government.

“This is because those who are used to embezzlement, whrwever place you put them they will still embezzle

“Why can’t Nigeria develop their own system of government. Must we borrow from somebody, must we live our life the way they do in America or UK? Before we were colonised, there was a system of government Nigeria was running.

“Let Nigerians sit down and work the way we want to be ruled, how we want our constitution to work, that is my mind and take. We have to overhaul the system completely. We should go back to the 2024 confab.”

Speaking on this year’s Oluwole Foundation Empowerment programme, the cleric, who is the Chairman of the Foundation, said the programme was almost cancelled because of inflation and high costs of goods in the country, thanking God that despite the challenges, they were still able to hold it.

The Chairman said 60 members of the Church were empowered this year with various items, including
cash donation to some of them, sewing machines, and electrical tools, adding,

“We are not going to give anybody Keke Napep or Okada because that is over three million naira.

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