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Chieme Royals: Innovative Means Of Solving Alopecia Hair Condition

Hair is said to be the crown on every woman. That is why the love and search for the perfect hairline is not end- ing anytime soon. Rather, hair companies are coming up with innovations and designs to help women with hair loss problems and in return, boost the hair industry with increasing patronage.

Hair entrepreneur, and CEO of C.R. Chieme Royals Global Ventures Limited, Loveth Chieme Chukwuagbanarinam, in a re-cent chat, explained that she and her team are revolutionizing the hair wig industry and elevating Nigeria’s position internationally. Through their innovative hair wigs, they are not only changing hairstyle trends but also challenging perceptions about Nigerian craftsmanship and creativity.

Speaking about the most common hair condition that made her brand go into inventing specialised wigs for women with Alopecia, she stated that, Alopecia is sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches that may overlap.

Alopecia areata occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles and may be brought on by severe stress. “I have been asked severally if I have had hair condition that inspired me to go into making wigs and my answer has always been no! I have never been embarrassed about my natural hair but I have come across women living with Alopecia, and my ‘creation’ has helped a lot of them build self-esteem and confidence. The confidence they feel creates joy and fulfilment for me.

“I enjoy creating beautiful and gorgeous looking wigs while enhancing my skills alongside. Seeing clients happy and satisfied whenever they come in contact with our ‘creation’ gives me utmost fulfilment,” she said. Speaking further, Chukwuag- banarinam affirmed that her love for Arts has always been her inspiration right from childhood.

“I have always known of my uniqueness from a childhood. I have always had a strong attachment to artistic things and how I can use such to improve confidence, self-esteem, etc for women. This has also fueled my passion for what I do.

“This dream manifesting was cultivated from the age of 16. It didn’t look like what it is today but hard work, dedication and consistency are part of the values that helped shape it to what we see today. It started as an online business, with absolute dedication every step of the way.

Each production process has been meticulously planned right from hair sourcing, recreation, design, conversion, packaging and dispatch. This has helped us carve a niche in an industry where only few dare to thread and succeed.

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