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Chefs, caterers, others extol TGI’s Terra Jollof Cube impacts

The management of Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group, makers of Terra Jollof Cubes, has disclosed it is excited with the feedbacks received from a cross-section of chefs, caterers and homemakers on the positive impact of Terra Jollof Cubes in jollof rice making. The Group Executive Director – TGI, Deepanjan Roy, said that the company was delighted with the positive feedback and confident that Terra Jollof Cubes is achieving its objective of elevating the taste and aroma of jollof rice across homes, restaurants and in celebratory occasions. In particular, a cross-section of chefs, caterers and home makers had offered their perspectives and confirmed that Terra Jollof Cubes has not only further simplified the process of preparing jollof rice with its exciting combination of traditional spices in a cube, but has greatly improved their jollof rice aroma and taste. Since its entry into the market, Terra Jollof Cubes has been extolled by consumers for its game-changing move to complement the preparation of jollof rice in Nigeria. Before now, chefs, caterers and home makers have had to make do with a host of spices, complicated recipes and cooking methods in an attempt to achieve the desired tastes they craved for in jollof rice. Along with its promise of an extraordinary jollof experience, Terra Jollof Cubes is packed with unique mix of traditional ingredients like pepper, thyme, turmeric and garlic among others in a single cube to deliver that bottom pot jollof taste that stands out in a competitive marketplace. Roy said: “We saw a vacuum in the area of giving our consumers a seasoning cube that is tailormade for their jollof rice cooking, and we went ahead to fill it.” Similarly, the Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group, Probal Bhattacharya, stressed that Terra Jollof Cubes symbolised the understanding of what consumers value in their tasty, bottom- pot, flavourful jollof rice. “We developed Terra Jollof Cubes after years of in-depth research, studying and understanding the consumers’ palate and taste preferences in various regions as well as their ways and patterns of cooking jollof rice. “We unearthed rich insights from these studies that guided us in developing the very special recipe for Terra Jollof Cube that is now being so widely appreciated by consumers. “As the word of its unique impact in making jollof so special spreads, we know more and more consumers would include Terra Jollof Cubes in their pot of Jollof rice to achieve that extraordinary Jollof experience,” he noted. Mrs. Eunice Udoma, a housewife and mother of three, who lives in Agege, stated that while there are several ways of preparing jollof rice, everyone, however, agrees on its end point – a great extraordinary taste and flavour.

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