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Charly Boy, Obi’s supporters lock down Abuja

Showbiz icon, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy and other supporters of the Labour Party and its presidential candidate, Peter Obi, on Saturday staged a one million man march in Abuja.

The road show which commenced at the popular Unity Fountain, saw young men and women dressed in the green- white- red colours of Labour Party marching on major streets and highways. The Obidients who were orderly in their conduct marched through the Shehu Shagari Way to the Three Arms Zone where the Federal Secretariat, National Assembly and Eagle Square are located and through the Constitution Avenue before proceeding to the City Gate.

A group of the Obidients also marched from Asokoro down the Nyanya/ Keffi Highway to drum up support for the Labour Party. All through the march, they were accompanied by music blaring from mobile sound systems as they chanted Obi name.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party (LP) said it was not surprised at turnout at rallies across the country in support of its candidate Mr. Peter Obi.

National Chairman Julius Abure in a statement, said it is because Labour Party has a people oriented candidate that will work for the people and that will serve their interest.

Abure explained that the people are the owners of the project, noting they are already funding the activities of the party.

“People are donating their buildings and the people of Nigeria are gradually owning the Labour Party.

“And of course, you know that the Labour Party is a party for the poor, the artisans, students, market women, the down trodden, civil servants, hewers of wood and fetches of water and the ordinary man in the street. They own the party and they form more that 90 percent of Nigerians,” he said.

The National Chairman stated that the rallies were not funded by the party, adding that the people were mobilising themselves, print the party logo and campaign materials themselves “and they are driving the process of the campaign by themselves and that is what we are seeing.

“The people are now asking questions about how they are being ruled, they want to sack the looters, they want to change the status quo.

“They want to put an end to activities of some people who have stolen from the common purse.

“The people have always been at the receiving end, but all those scenario are about to change. The party is the voice of the voiceless, and that is what you see in those rallies, that is what is replicated all over the nation.”

He promised that the Labour Party will change the nation’s political narratives.

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