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Charles Inojie: ‘Daughters of Jezebel’ Have Taken Over Nollywood

Veteran Nollywood actor, Charles Inojie, has expressed concerns over the influx of ladies in the movie industry who he referred to as “daughters of Jezebel”. Jezebel is often used to describe an immoral woman who deceives people in order to get what she wants. Speaking on a recent episode of the Honest Bunch podcast, Inojie said the country’s film industry is now being contaminated by a particular group of ladies who use the tag actresses to hide their “illicit means of making money”.

Speaking in a mixture of English and pidgin, he said some women claim to be actresses but do not have a superb catalogue of movies. The actor also claimed that “these ladies” engage in the sex trade with directors or producers “who are not properly formed” for roles. Inojie alleged that they also acquire “unexplained wealth” from “unknown businesses” and then purchase luxury cars and houses under the pretext that they are “Nollywood actresses”.

“Those classes of people. They just need a title. Something to hold for hand to do business. They are into other businesses. But you need a tag in case dem dey look for you,” he said. “You will open magazines and will see ‘Nollywood superstar buys multimillion naira house’. You go read this Nollywood superstar, you can not point to a movie wey you don see dem.

“It got to a point in the industry that there was an influx. Be like sey devil open gate for people. And these were people wey dem no get anything. They are not looking to build a career. Where their eye dey dey differ- ent. They just want something to show sey ‘I be actress’. “You know each time we use the daughters of Jezebel we use it as a metaphor. Dem really dey for real life.

And dem many for Nollywood. “There are some actresses who can do anything just to be in front of the camera. And when you meet a character who is not properly formed as the director or producer, he will fall. So, there are actresses like that. The issue of sex-for-role is not just one-way. It is a two-way thing. “There is also an army of Jezebel daughters looking for directors and producers to fall… So, the level of desperation among some of these girls is also an issue.”

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