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Celebrating an indomitable grandmother, Monivi Amamieye, at 62

It was a memorable birthday celebration on April 27th 2021 as the loving mother of three great women; wife of the Bishop of Aggressive Faith Ministries wined and dined with grandchildren, family and friends at her home in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. To the super-mom, supportive wife and philanthropist, 62 never looked and felt better and she owed it all to her maker, creator of the Universe and the one that giveth life. She acknowledged God as her source of strength as she expressed her deepest excitement for having come so far in life with all the best things in life in a chat with Saturday Telegraph. Rev. Mrs. Princess Monivi Amamieye, is the wife of Bishop Michael Amamieye of World Outreach International Ministries; an integral evangelistic ministry based in Port Harcourt. She is a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt and an expert in many kinds of health restoration regiments with celebrated results both at home and abroad. She is also a mother of three loving daughters, one of who was adopted, and a strong believer that Christ is the way, the truth and the life with a strong passion for helping people overcome their health challenges in every natural means possible. This led her to set up an outreach called; “Monivi Health and Beauty Center” in Port-Harcourt with various Koarms providing very powerful health and healing results and also help people live healthy generally. There is another arm of Monivi Health and Beauty Center that deals with physical therapy, different modalities of massage, which is a unique blend consisting of Apple-Fresh Air and massage called E-Therapy because the human body has electricity, and electronics. This area is manipulated in bringing about total health for those who have tried all possible means to get cured. As a successful business owner of over 25 years, she is a strong lover of family bond, she loves cooking healthy meals, and finding out potent and sophisticated recipe to help people around her achieve all round wellness, develop strong relationship with God and she likes to give advice to anyone who needs a shoulder to lean on.

For a 62 year-old grandmother, wife and a loving mother, what do you do to stay healthy?

There are some regular things, such as exercise, eating well, watching what you eat, staying hydrated, sleeping well and do some physical therapy that I apply by myself and most importantly, my working with God has been of great source of strength and it’s an internal health for me because the word says great is those who put their trust in the Lord. His word also says his word is medicine to our bodies. I stay with the word of God and I work on my mind as well, convince my mind that what God says he would do, and I maintain internal harmony too because the body is influenced by what goes on in the mind.

What are some of your hobbies?

I used to love to read a lot, but when your attention is needed in several places, it becomes difficult to sit in one place to read a book. Most times, I listen to the audio version of the book if I can find it. I am a very family minded person, so I love cooking for my family, I love looking for recipes, cooking healthy meals both foods and medicine and one of my favourites is this drink I found really healthy. It is made up of carrots, apple and fruits that are really healthy and I love it so much that I make it also for my family all the time. I am also a hands-on person, I love to sew, I love to flinter with electrical repairs, I even constructed a reading lamp from things in my kitchen. I once built a power bank for myself. I make my own clothes, and I am thinking of turning these hobbies to a mini-training session for young people on things they can do that they convert into money. I make shawarma, and I make accessories too. Having being married to her amazing husband and responsible father for 26 years now, she is still so excited everyday about it and in her own words ‘’April ending is always a time for double celebration’’ in her life and carrying and nurturing a successful marriage worthy of emulation takes patience, prayer and a partner who is willing to make things work.

When did you marry?

Every April ending is double celebration for me, my birthday being 27th and I got married on April 29, 1995.

What would be your advice to women whose husbands are ministers?

What I would say to a minister’s wife is, your husband is not God, he is a man, sent by God and any assignment given by God can only be carried out successfully by the help of God. When you have this perspective, you would not treat your husband as if he is God. Most ministers’ wives make that mistake. When God said ‘’submit to your husband and unto the Lord’’ he did not say become a slave to the man. He said submit, submission is likened to the hierarchy in military, the subordinates can bring suggestions but what the commander says you should do, you obey and you submit and follow because of orderliness. I would advise that a minster’s wife should separate husband from minister. Relate with your husband as a human being who can make mistakes, who can hurt you, he is human but when it comes to the side where he is doing God’s work, give him that respect. So, you don’t ever try to do anything that would show that you do not respect him and his work outside. At home, you may have your differences as husband and wife, but when it comes to ministry works, even at home, you have to recognize that, although, he is on the pulpit, he is all human. People see him in that place and they think he is perfect, you know him at home, you do not have to ridicule him. A lot of us would make that mistake and be like ‘’how will you be teaching this and at home you would be practicing something else blab la bla’’. In your submission, love him into that place you want him to be. Confrontation should never be a part of problem solving, it doesn’t in a man. Let me give you an example of something that happened in our early years in marriage. I think I was pregnant and I loved eating “suya,” and bread and wash it down with beverage in the evening. He told me that eating ‘suya’ is not good for me but you know that when you are pregnant, you have your cravings. So he came back one night and saw me eating the thing, he said I should not eat it, he was furious, and he was angry. Humanely speaking, everything I needed to do and say to him was at the tip of my lips to come out but I weighed it and in a small voice I said, ‘’okay na, I’ve heard you, I’m sorry’’. Do you know the first thing he did was burst out into laughter and said ‘’see my wife o, sorry sorry.” He was imitating and mimicking me, and that was the end of it. Imagine if I had said all those things that were on my lips, I would have started a fire. So that is the part of submitting, it doesn’t mean you are inferior. Mothers are the pillars of the home, the touch they wield as outstanding supports to the children and husbands cannot go unappreciated and we at New Telegraph Newspaper felicitate with Monivi Amamieye on this joyful occasion with so much warm and fuzzy hugs to go all round this year. Cheers once again to a woman worth emulating.

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