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CAN, PFN Congratulatory Letters To Tinubu ‘Misplaced’- Christian Groups

On Tuesday, a coalition of Christian Youth Organizations criticized the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria’s (PFN) letters of congratulations to President Bola Tinubu, saying it misguided and merely an expression of goodwill rather than an acceptance of an election that was not credible and could not have resulted in a credible result.

The group maintained that the February 25th presidential election was marred by egregious and widespread violence, in addition to rigging, malpractices, and other irregularities, as attested to by both local and foreign observers, including the European Union (EU).

This is contained in a statement jointly signed by Nath Bitrus and Agape Enioluwa, Coordinator and Secretary of the Christian body, respectively.

Speaking further, the group, however, stated that it disagreed with the letters of congratulations, raising the question of why it was appropriate to congratulate a government that, less than 24 hours after its inauguration, had already caused great pain and suffering for the masses.

“What is there to congratulate? Are they congratulating the government for visiting untold hardship, starvation and even death on the people?

“For the records, the Christian Community are not in doubt about those who hold the interest of the nation at heart, those who have taken an unshakable stance for truth, equity and justice, those who have continued to speak against the evils being unleashed on the church of Christ, and the greater majority of Nigerians.

“These are the people we hold in high esteem, and both God in heaven and history on earth shall be kind to them. So, we find those smuggled congratulatory messages misplaced, misguided, provocative and treasonable to the body of Christ in particular, and to all lovers of democracy and justice in Nigeria.”

Additionally, the group compared gaining power through widespread electoral fraud to embracing lawlessness and giving legitimacy to unlawful behaviour.

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