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Bunmi Alabi launches first book to mark 40th birthday

Bunmi Alabi is the beautiful wife of a popular music video producer, director and singer, Aki Alabi. Exactly ten years ago, the couple released a hit song ‘Komole’ which kept many music lovers on their feet all season. Bunmi Alabi, mother of two turned 40 at the weekend and to celebrate the milestone, she unveiled her new book titled ‘Couple’s Waiting Room’.


Speaking about the book, she stated, that the book is to help relieve the pain couples go through while waiting on God to give them a child. “I know the pain, the shame, guilts and regrets that could come with waiting for a child, because I’ve been there. Often times, it’s not about the pain of waiting, but the way the society (especially Africans) paint childlessness as a stigma.

Their insensitivity, name tags and pressure is enough to cause so much emotional trauma for couple Waiting for a child, especially for the woman. “A good number of people generally do not know how to respond to couples in the waiting room .


Though we might have little or no control over what people do or say, but we can however control how we respond to their insensitivities. The most important thing is that, it’s all about us and not them.”


She further explained that ‘Couple’s Waiting Room’ is therefore written as a practical guide to help couples manage their Waiting phase. “It helps them to stay positive, build their relationship with their spouse and maintain sanity in the midst of a turbulent waiting period. Included is also stories of hope by couples who has once been in this waiting room before.


And this is to restore hope, encouragement that there will be an end to their waiting period too. The book also shares information about relevant tests and fertility enhancement for

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