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Budget Padding: ‘Ningi’s Suspension Rushed’, ACF Queries Senate

The recent suspension of Senator Abdul Ningi from the Nigerian 10th Senate has sparked significant controversy and concern, particularly from the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), which has voiced its apprehensions regarding the implications of such actions on Nigeria’s democratic processes and the principles of fair hearing and due process.

Sunday Telegraph had earlier reported that Senator Ningi who representing the Bauchi Central over the allegations of budget padding.

This has not only raised questions about the Senate’s handling of criticism but also about the broader impacts on the communities Ningi represents.

Senator Ningi’s suspension followed his allegations related to what he termed ‘budget padding’ within the 2024 budget, specifically pointing out that a staggering sum of N3.7 trillion was allegedly not appropriately allocated to specific projects.

The ACF, having taken a keen interest in these developments, criticized the Senate’s swift action to suspend Ningi, arguing that it seemed to prioritize discrediting the messenger over addressing the message.


This scenario has led to a broader discourse on the transparency and accountability of legislative processes in Nigeria.

In its statement, the ACF expressed disappointment over the Senate’s approach, advocating instead for a thorough investigation into Ningi’s allegations by a statutory or ad hoc committee.

The forum underscored the importance of such an investigation not only for the integrity of the Senate but also for the democratic health of the nation.

By sidelining Ningi, the ACF argues, a significant portion of the Nigerian populace is left without representation, potentially undermining the democratic principle of inclusivity.

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