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Breakthrough as Harvard scientists reverse ageing

A ‘breakthrough’ study has found that the experimental therapy rejuvenated cells in mice, helping them live longer, while reducing frailty and boosting heart and lung health. Findings of the study were published on pre-print website ‘bioRxiv,’. Harvard-backed anti-ageing scientists hope the ‘exciting’ findings will open up the door to treating humans in the same way, boosting their resilienceagainstdiseaseslike cancer and dementiabymaking them biologically younger. Experts even believe that it’s entirely possible a similar drug will be on the market by 2028, reported the ‘Mailonline’.

Dr. Noah Davidsohn, chief scientist for Rejuvenate Bio, the company behind the study which was launched out of a Harvard Medical School lab, said: “We could easily see something in humans in the next five years with this technology.” The researchers noted that extending human life has historically meant relying on medication and adopting healthier habits. However, thisdoesnotnecessarily increase the number of healthy years lived — as the elderly continue to suffer age-related illness, just over a longer timescale.

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