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Brazil-Nigeria Trade Forum To Highlight Carnival, Film, Agro-Tourism, Cultural Heritage, Others

Organisers of this year’s Brazil –Nigeria Trade Forum said this year’s edition, which is the fourth in the series will hold in Brazil, with focus on strengthening Nigeria-Brazil business ties, with highlight on agro-tourism and cultural heritage. Given the historical relationship between the two countries, organisers noted that, ‘‘the primary aim of the Forum is to foster stronger ties, stimulate trade and investment, share knowledge, and promote cultural understanding between the two nations

. ‘‘This year the Forum will focus on the sectors of agriculture machinery, food supply, banking, carnival industry, fashion industry and movie industry.’’ Some of the topics that would engage the attention of the participants include; Agriculture Machinery and Food Supply: Banking; Carnival Industry; Fashion Industry; Movie Industry; and Film festivals.

High-profile keynoters from both Nigeria and Brazil will headline the event, with the different panel discussion sessions parading notable speakers and experts from across fields. With networking sessions offering golden opportunities for businesses from both nations to meet, form partnerships, and discuss potential collaborations.

The organsiers also discussed that about 50 participants are expected to attend the event, with some of the expected outcomes in view to include;  Establishment of new business partnerships and joint ventures between Brazilian and Nigerian companies; Establishment of a framework for regular dialogues and trade forums in the future.

The Forum serves as a pivotal platform for bridging two major economies. By fostering a spirit of trade with mutual benefit, on the sectors of agriculture machinery, banking, carnival industry, fashion, and the movie industry are bound to witness significant growth for sustainable development of both countries.

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