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Bode George, Ogunkelu, Others Begin Reconciliation In Lagos PDP

…Say party has potential to win 2027 governorship election in Lagos

Former Deputy National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Bode George, former Minister of Cooperation and integration in Africa, Chief Abimbola Ogunkelu, State Chairman, Philip Aivoji and other notable leaders and elders, have commenced the process of reconciling warring factions of the party in Lagos State.

Speaking at a Leaders and Elders Stakeholders Meeting in Ikeja, Bode George said the elders and state leaders are determined to draw a road map for better PDP in Lagos State.

He urged party members to do everything humanly possible to ensure that the PDP does not go into the dustbin of history in 2027.

Bode George said: “We are where we are today because of self-inflicted crisis, so, this is the time reconciliation should be on top of our agenda.

“We should bury our ambition now and not allow the PDP to crumble. We have no choice but to put our house in order.

“I am a tireless defender of democracy and always fight for equity and Justice for all for the Constitutions of this nation and our party. I have never left the party, no matter what situation besets me.

“I have been to the bedroom of the President in the Villa and I have also been to prison. So, I have seen it all.

“How we collectively address the issues at stake will be a major determinant of the fate of this party in 2027.

“As leaders of the party, we must not pander towards ethnic affiliation because PDP is the only true national party. The APC is just a mere collection of strange bedfellows.

“As I’m close to 80 years, I am not looking for any position but I strongly believe that PDP is the only party that can save our State. So, members of this great party must be ready to seize this opportunity to move our dear State forward.

“We should not allow any sentiment-ethnic or religion to divide us. Unless we are united, with equity, fairness and justice being the pedestal for any political decision taken, this party will be heading to disaster in 2027.

“If we want to win the 2027 gubernatorial election, in Lagos, we should not allow ourselves to be divided.

“We must change the narratives now so that we don’t embark on a suicide mission, a self-destructive journey for our party in 2027.

“With the suffering in the land and the mismanagement of the economy by the ruling APC in Lagos since 1999, Lagosians are waiting for us in 2027 to kick APC out of Alausa.

“We must have a very strong, iron-clad and formidable PDP in the build-up to the 2027 elections. If these issues are not addressed urgently, it means some members of our party are working for the APC or against the interest of our party.”

On his part, Ogunkelu said Lagos PDP cannot fulfil its potential if it continues to fight against itself. He said the party must stop the interference of the ruling party in the state if the party intends to make any meaningful gain in 2027.

He said: “We can’t achieve our desire by fighting ourselves. If we go and think very well, we may find the hands of the other parties in our quarrels. Now we must know that one doesn’t pay any money to destroy a house or property.

“But to achieve this, all hands must be on deck and we must go back to business where our party started. To a greater extent, we have been beaten.

“We must go back and rebuild this party from scratch. That assignment is not for leaders alone. It’s for everybody, particularly the grassroots.”

The State Chairman said the new roadmap will lead to a stronger and more cohesive PDP presence in Lagos State. He said this reconciliatory and unity gathering signifies the PDP’s commitment to internal cohesion, solidarity among its members, and a shared vision for advancing its agenda in the state.

He said: “In organizing a reconciliatory and unity gathering to design a road map for a better PDP in Lagos State, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of unity, inclusivity and strategic planning.

“This speech aims to inspire party members to come together, set aside differences, and work towards a common goal of strengthening the PDP in Lagos State.

“Before we can move forward, it is essential to acknowledge the challenges and divisions that have plagued the PDP in Lagos State.

“We must recognize that internal conflicts and disunity have hindered our progress and weakened our position in the political landscape.”

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