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February 24, 2024

Bishop Emmah Isong: Prophetic Release for 2021

When a prophecy fulfills, it came from God. Bishop Emmah Isong is one cleric with a bold stance on this year’s forecast. The founder and serving bishop of Christian Central Chapel International, CCCI, in Calabar, is known for fulfilling prophecies and cherished in Christendom for his charisma.

His prophecies whether on national politics, general living or the ecclesiastical, stand him out among known prophets of the land. Aside from prophecies that he rolls out in church in the course of the year based on divine function, Bishop Isong does prophesy to the nations on the first day of every year: January 1. Interestingly, they fulfill. His prophecy no.

17 for 2020 was on a far reaching flu. It said “Maintain a high level of public hygiene this year so as to escape a new but dangerous flu, which is causing constant sneezing and redness of the face. It is affecting Nigeria and parts of West Africa. You are covered with the Blood of Jesus.”

China announced the ravage of her population by a flu that came to be known as Coronavirus or COVID-19. It spread across the world. The bishop foretold the stranding of air passengers, empty airports and subsequent long closures of airports around the world in 2020. COVID-19 pandemic caused the closure of airports worldwide. Many are yet to reopen. He prophesied that food vendors across the globe would be smiling to the bank in 2020, many which heard him or read the prophecy took it as a funny break.

But that was it; global lockdown shut everything business except grocery and food shops. In his prophecy No.9, for 2020, Bishop Isong said Alhaji Atiku Abubakar was going to reconcile with his political enemies as a warm up exercise to 2023 presidential ambition. On January 12 of that year, the former vice president was in what was believed to be a crucial political meeting with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, APC national leader; Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, then APC national chairman and Senator Bukola Saraki, then president of the Senate.

The meeting was held in the office of the vice president in Abuja and was attended by many other chieftains of the APC. By now Atiku must have settled scores with most of his political enemies. December 31, 2020, he rolled out 33 prophecies for 2021.

Among them was that photographers, graphic designers and make-up artists shall be the latest billionaires in town. Believers in prophecy will like to think that the bishop, whose sojourn in political prophecy dates back to about two decades saw famine coming during the year.

That prophecy, (No. 6) said in part: “…… Buy garri and keep! Though agriculture shall be boosted, there will be scarcity of some basic products. And this will include garri, but after which the federal government will intervene and farmers shall rejoice.” There were a number of prophecies on the international scene and figures. Isong called for prayers for American president-elect Joe Biden.

“I see his name and photographs all over the tabloids in the world; magazines and online. You will hear his stories in the next few days, it will shock the world.” The shocking invasion of Capitol Hill that houses the American Congress by protesters two weeks to Biden’s inauguration scheduled for January 20 has made some begin to wonder whether his prophecy No.9 is beginning to unfold. A very delightful political prophecy followed the Biden revelation when the bishop said doors will open for Nigerians in America. “….America will look for Nigerians.”

He asked for prayers for Pastor Ize-Iyamu, the APC guber candidate that lost to Gov. Godwin Obaseki of Edo State. He said Ize-Iyamu’s case was not yet over as he would be in the news again.

Is the Supreme Court going to be at work again? The prophecy did not provide details. His prophecy No. 13 doubtless, left people guessing: “The west of Nigeria shall have their say, but the Igbos of the East shall have their way.”

If this projection is on the much talked about Igbo presidency in 2023, there will be celebration in many parts of the world upon its fulfillment. There was a disturbing prophecy on Namibia. Bishop Isong said Robert Mugabe’s country may be thrown into political confusion that will witness international intervention, spilling of blood and refugees. He called for prayers. Bishop Isong also said there will be an attempt to change the capital of a Nigerian state but it will be criticised and resisted. Prayer warriors must cash in on prophecy No. 20 in which the bishop said terrorists’ hideout in Gombe State shall burst. The year will also be a bad one for rapists as many voices around the world will be raised against them. Nigerian sports may not be in its best form in 2021. According to Bishop Isong’s prophecy No. 23, “a national team is seen throwing away the ball in a very serious competition.”

It may have been a penalty but they lost it. Isong said he saw the nation’s sports administration in serious scandal and open fight in the football field. There will be greed and manhandling and loss of integrity among sports officials.

He also rolled out what some may describe as sundry prophecies. Heavy downpour in midyear will collapse many houses. In the nation’s worship places, tithe payers will reap much reward, there will be miracle babies for the barren, the physically challenged shall be favoured and celebrated, and electricity tariff will witness downward reviews though not without protest by the masses.

There shall be technological breakthrough including manufacture of model cars in Nigeria. The fulfillment of Bishop Isong’s prophecies over the years has made his sojourn in political prophecy a delight.*

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