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Before we castrate the Igbo in Lagos

Nigerians of all walks of life including the Yorubas voted for the Labour Party (LP) overwhelmingly in Lagos State in the Presidential election of February 25th. We make the wrong calls instigating ostracism if not outrageous violence against the Igbos only. All nationalities within Nigeria were fully represented in the Lagos LP show.

Those who went against the norm and voted outside the traditional biases of ethnicity and religion are the true champions of the future of democracy in Nigeria. Such is the behaviour of true patriots in the civilised world that is making the difference between us and them. Going with the wishes of the majority usually transmits a kind of positive energy and it is that which orders the elements in favour of mankind, to produce goodness for all to enjoy within any space we have a collection of humans.

Do you doubt this? How long do we continue to propagate the theory that classes of all non-speaking Yorubas from Benin Edo State to Akwa- Ibom even up to Benue State as “anwo Ibo” (Igbo people) when indeed we are all supposed to be same people representing one Nigeria?

Let us build a just and egalitarian society where we are all equal Nigerians, who irrespective of where we reside can pick their leader based on their preferences without fear and intimidation. Let people not be held accountable for exercising their freedom of choice. We must hold offenders liable when they break the laws of the land, just as those who unleashed mayhem on innocent Nigerians did on February 25. Let us remember the year 1993 and the M.K.O Abiola phenomenon. It was just like this present Presidential election, Nigerians of all walks of life trouped out in their millions to vote for Abiola; Igbo, Yoruba, kanuri, Fulani, Ijaw, Efik, Ibibio, Hausa and other. It was humongous and beautiful. Sadly, that too ended in the kind of controversy we are seeing today; 30 years on. The point here is that whenever Nigerians find a worthy Presidential Candidate, they will support him irrespective of tribe, religion, and the bullying of the old order, whose hold on power has continued to threaten our corporate existence as a people and nation. Nigerians truly want to see the country doing well, and certainly know the impact the bad leadership of the establishment has on the nation. The common man bears the brunt of miss-governance the most. What the people want is to see the wealth go round to all in an equitable manner, irrespective of class, tribe and religion. Should this happen, not many would care much about who the President is or where he is from, especially if they have the character of an Abiola or a Peter Obi. Let’s think deep before we throw that stone because it may well land on the head of your own kinsman who voted for the man from the other tribe or religion. Let us release and unleash this great country, Nigeria, it is about time.

*Prince Joe Iyeke, a Business Executive, writes in from Lagos

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  • Nigeria is unlikely to survive as one Country, this is going to be an area boys led government, people will be stopped on the streets to pay money to criminals, Lagos is a goner.

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