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Be submissive to your parents, Sanwo-Olu, clerics advise children

Wife of the Lagos State Governor, Dr. Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, chairman of the Secretariat Community Central Mosque (LSCCM), Dr. Tajudeen Balogun, and clerics have called on the children to always obey their parents. Speaking at the 9th annual Eidel- Adha Children’s party organised by LSCCM, they said that youths will get better in their chosen field and become good citizens of the country if none of their parents’ advice was turned down during their daily activities. Addressing the gathering, Dr. Sanwo-Olu stressed that these were part of the ideals of the festival which indicated the need for children to totally submit to the will of almighty Allah and that of their parents as performed by Prophet Ibrahim and his son, Ismail. She said: “As children and wards, I admonished you to be submissive to the teachings and instructions of your parents and guardians.

Ismail, the son of Prophet Ibrahim, demonstrated that he was an obedient child. He strictly adhered to the instruction of his father and almighty Allah made another provision for the sacrifice. “This clearly indicates that as children, you have a lot to gain by obeying your parents and being teachable. This is a lesson I want you to take away from this celebration”. Besides, the wife of the governor, who was represented by Moji Fashola, advocated for unity and love among Nigerians to ensure the communities, cities, states, and the country, so that it becomes a better and safer place for everyone. “This is the time for us to truly treasure brotherly love and harmonious co-existence as well as pray for the peace and tranquility of Lagos State and Nigeria.Beyond the festivities, it is a time for us to renew our faith in our nation and implore Almighty Allah to restore to us those values that place a high premium on human lives, love of neighbor, and genuine commitment to growth and development of our dear state and country”. At the event, the children, who cam

first in different competitions including Quran recitation and other competitions, were rewarded with cash and other gifts.

Earlier, the mosque chairman, Balogun, urged parents to prevent their children from getting too addicted to the internet as well as monitor whatever they search for and read online. On his part, the lecturer, Dr. Sulaiman Dhikrullah, added that children should be guided against internet usage and listen so much to music, saying it affects their ability to concentrate on their education. Dhikrullah, who spoke on the theme entitled: “Moral Decadence Among Youth: Causes, Remedies and Ways Forward,” stressed that music was not part of Islam and social media, arguing that the evil attached to it must be prevented. “We, the parents, need to control the use of social media by the youths. The evil in it is just one button away. You have to be careful of what you are searching for online. Once you are done with your search, leave. We need to ensure that they do not go online to search for what they do not need because that is where they get engaged in actions that have affected morals and their changing mindset towards the society,”he added. Sulaimon lamented that the level of moral decadence had become so bad that youths that should work for societal development were already making it unsafe for people through kidnapping and others.

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